How Oral Health Affects Mental Health

in May 5, 2022

About Oral Health

With changing work-life styles leading to more disruption in properly balanced lifestyles around the world, the focus on oral health should increase every day. Imbalance or disruption in lifestyles include improper eating habits, more junk food, disturbed sleep routines, disrupted work styles, lack of physical activity, and such. These modern ‘bad habits’ are leading to more and more disorders and diseases among people everywhere.

Most of these concerns are of medical nature and a lot of them are related to oral health. With busy and imbalanced schedules and routines, people have started to neglect the need for regular oral check-ups - on top of which unhealthy food, junk food, and highly sweetened food makes it even worse for oral health care. These habits and lack of dental appointments together lead to teeth problems and issues like tooth decay, yellow teeth, gum diseases, bad breath, among others. Over and above, what is worse is that even these issues are often neglected which lead to even serious problems that become irreversible, eventually.

How Oral Health affects Mental Health

Most of these dental problems often indirectly affect one’s mental health as well. Great teeth often become a major part of one’s personality and definitely one’s physical appearance. Talking and smiling have to be by far the most important expressions and gestures when it comes to communication. As most people would agree teeth become one of the more noticed features of one’s face. Thus, if in a bad condition, unkempt, or yellow (thanks to plaque) - bad teeth can draw down the entire grace of one’s face - often affecting one’s confidence. 

This leads to people trying to hide their teeth by either speaking or smiling lesser than they’d prefer. Since the world is not perfect and how you ‘look’ becomes a part of people’s perception of you, a bad teeth situation can directly affect your mental health. The fall in one’s confidence and the subsequent substandard social skills may affect one’s perception of self more than you’d imagine. Bad oral health may lead to:

  • Lack in confidence
  • Social awkwardness or embarrassment
  • Low-self esteem
  • Low self-image
  • Inadequate social skills

All of these add to factors that lead to bad or deteriorating mental health. On the other hand, better or great oral health that’s devoid of yellow teeth or bad breath can lead to a completely opposite effect on someone’s mental health. People with clean teeth and fresh breath can have a higher level of confidence and self-esteem. The question here thus is, how do you prevent or cure these dental health issues? Let us get into it.

Oral Care Products

No biggie! Most of this can be prevented at home. Good oral care can be maintained at home if an emphasis is made on how to clean teeth efficiently and which oral care products to use for that to happen. Generally, people do not use the most proper way to brush teeth, mostly because they aren’t aware of it - or have neglected teeth care at large. For maintaining good oral health, often, it is not enough to just brush your teeth. Additional habits like flossing, tongue cleaning, using mouthwash, among others are important for teeth hygiene, and oral hygiene in general. Moreover, using the correct and the best oral care products is another crucial detail that most people oversee. It is of utmost importance that you choose the kind of products that suit your teeth and help resolve your dental issues in an efficient way.

The market is full of a plethora of choices of these products. Amazing innovations and advancements like sonic toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, tongue scrapers, teeth whitening toothpaste/powder, mouthwashes and what not have been introduced in the market frequently - time and again. However, with choices comes confusion. You will get as confused as higher the number and types of products they market will introduce and bring to you. At this point, choosing the right type of product that suits your need the best is important. For this, you may have to do your own deep research throughout the internet or stores, maybe even try and decide about certain products until you find the ones that produce a satisfactory result. 

Alongside healthy teeth, choosing the right products will also bring you additional health benefits. Other than the mental health issues that may be observed with bad oral health, there is a range of physical health issues that can arise from bad oral hygiene. As painful a toothache can be, that is not all, with toothache, or cavities, often people have to restrict their diets to certain foods or only liquids too in some cases. This may lead to further weakness and a decrease in overall energy levels. Besides, who likes to consume all those pills and ointments? and don’t even get us started on the dreaded too-late dentist appointments. Sounds scary, right? Before any of that happens, you can go on and choose the products that suit you from this amazing range by Perfora.

Perfora’s Range of Products

Perfora offers a huge range of high-quality oral care products you can choose from. Here is a list of some great picks:

  • Electric Toothbrushes: The brand offers a range of great electric toothbrushes. Each of them is a soft bristles toothbrush. This extra-soft toothbrush is perfectly equipped with the capacity to not only give you clean teeth but also help you maintain overall dental health.
  • Mouthwashes: Perfora has two super-refreshing types of mouthwash that help you get rid of that bad breath and plaque to help you maintain healthy teeth. Choose between Thyme or Lemon minty variants - either way, it's a step towards great health!
  • Tongue Cleaner: Perfora’s tongue cleaner/scraper is made of 100% copper which is a bacteria-resistance metal. Its composition ensures a better cleaning experience - and it is more durable than plastic ones.
  • Smart Water Flosser: Perfora’s smart water flosser is the ultimate solution for those who are tired of using manual string floss. This device comes with several modes and features, uses the power of pressured water to clean between your teeth. This method is proven exponentially more efficient than the string flossers.

Other products by Perfora like toothpaste, oil pulling, teeth whitening powder are perfect for you if you are looking to find a complete one-stop solution for an all-around dental care regime!

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