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  • We have a solution that is all gains, & zero pains
  • No teeth sensitivity after whitening
  • You can now brighten your teeth up to 5 shades in 14 days
  • No mess. No stress. Just clean teeth
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Created by Experts

Our products are precisely designed with expert consultation & lab trials for elevating oral care.

Peroxide Free

We have replaced Peroxide with Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (known as PAP) - a clean and more effective ingredient.

Fortified with N-HAp

Enhances enamel remineralization, strengthening teeth and reducing sensitivity.

The Perfora Difference

Customer Reviews

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Juveria Shaikh

It’s really amazing how much difference you can see in a week!!!
Very impressive

Vidushi Mandal
Both toothpaste and serum was good

Like any other toothpaste brand The toothpaste was good and if I talk about serum the taste of the serum is really good. Initially I thought the taste would be something different or probably better. However, the only issue and concern I have from this perfora product is that the claim which it gives about whitening the teeth as something which I am not sure of as I am not seeing not even a little bit difference. I don't know maybe it is that probably it will take some months to show the results I guess but till then I feel like the serum will get finished it won't last because the quantity is very less. I initially thought that the whitening serum will show its result probably within 3 to 4 days but it just says that it will give you 4 said lighter effect but I am not able to see that effect which it clams. Most importantly I have only both the for a product because of the claim which it gives to whitening the tooth. And that's why I have spend 600 for this.

Very nice product

U should get into retail shops too

Manjeet .
Very nice

I am very happy with these product

Dhiraj mirchandani
Amazing 🤗

Everything is perfect……

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream White Toothpaste
Learn about the toothpaste, teeth whitening, etc
Is Dream White toothpaste good for daily use?

Yes, Perfora Dream White toothpaste can be used daily. It is the perfect combination of scientifically proven and natural ingredients that are 100% safe. The formulation contains active ingredients like Imercare Perl White 19 and Bromelain enzymes that are clinically proven to remove surface teeth stains and whiten teeth, while not causing any harm to the teeth.

Why should I use Dream White Toothpaste?

If surface stains are contributing to your teeth's discoloration, you should use our Dream White Toothpaste. When it comes to colour, everyone's teeth are different. While bright and white might be what most people want for their teeth, the reality is that many people have yellowish, grey, or brown teeth. Discoloured teeth are often attributable to poor oral health or to bad habits such as smoking. Dream White acts on teeth stains from such habits.

Is it SLS-free?

Yes, all our toothpastes are 100%  SLS, Peroxide and Titanium Dioxide Free. Also, they come with zero artificial colours.

What is the flavor of the toothpaste?

This toothpaste has refreshing taste notes of peppermint and spearmint that give an instant fresh breath after brushing.

Charcoal Toothpaste
Learn more about charcoal toothpaste, its uses, etc.
How is Charcoal Toothpaste effective?

We often think that bad breath is just because of food that we eat but it can, in fact, be caused by leftover germs in your mouth! Charcoal Watermelon Mint Toothpaste aids in prevention against gingivitis and tooth decay, which leads to bad breath and more severe dental issues. 

What else does the Charcoal Mint Toothpaste do apart from just giving you fresh breath?

The toothpaste doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like SLS, Titanium Dioxide, or Sodium Saccharin and is Made Safe Certified. This product is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Activated charcoal toothpaste is enamel safe and mildly abrasive. The toothpaste is completely peroxide free and doesn’t result in teeth sensitivity with consistent usage.

How does Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) help?

Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) which is essentially what are teeth enamel is made up of is a reminieralising agent. Hydroxyapatite remineralizes teeth by replacing lost minerals such as calcium and phosphates caused by high levels of acid or bacteria. Remineralization takes place when filling the microscopic cracks in our teeth created by tooth decay, and used in our saliva to do just that for our teeth. This is said to help repair teeth damaged by cavities while preventing cavities by breaking down first before it reaches tooth enamel.

How much toothpaste should I apply at once?

For best results, use a pea sized amount of toothpaste. You do not cover the entire bristles with the toothpaste.

Unwind Toothpaste
Learn more about our PM toothpaste, etc.
How does Unwind toothpaste help in removing bad breath?

We often think that bad breath is just because of food that we eat but it can, in fact, be caused by leftover germs in your mouth! Unwind Toothpaste aids in prevention against gingivitis and tooth decay, which leads to bad breath and more severe dental issues. The Unwind Toothpaste contains powerful natural extracts like Chamomile, Strawberry, Cinnamon that helps in effective teeth whitening.

Can I replace my fluoride toothpaste with your Toothpaste?

Yes, definitely. You can use our toothpaste in replacement of your fluoride toothpaste. Infact a study conducted in 2016 published in the Indian Orthopedic Society Journal found eveidence that “Nano-HAp toothpaste on daily application will provide maximum protection against enamel demineralization when compared to fluoride toothpaste.

Why have you added essential oils?

We have added essential oils to ensure all natural ingredients are a part of our toothpaste. The toothpaste is also fortified with powerful natural extracts of Chamomile, Strawberry, Cinnamon and Sodium Bicarbonate to enable effective teeth whitening.

Purple Magic Whitening Serum
Learn more about Purple Serum, its uses, etc.
Why should I use this serum?

Your overall oral hygiene is an important aspect of your health. And, we all want a shiny set of teeth but the stubborn yellow stains on our teeth refuse to go away. So, with the help of our enamel-safe, Purple Magic Whitening Serum you’ll be able to achieve that perfect white pearly smile.

How does The Purple Serum help in teeth whitening?

This serum uses corrective colour technology to whiten your teeth i.e. it helps in removing yellow-coloured teeth stains with the help of purple colour, bromelain and papain enzymes (active ingredients for teeth whitening). Applying purple on your teeth can counteract and cancel the yellow stains on the surface, making your teeth appear whiter. 

How long does it take to show results?

It can take anywhere between 2 weeks - 8 weeks to see visible whiter teeth. With consistent use, one can experience up to 4 shades of whiter teeth. However, the results may vary from person to person depending on their dental health and food consumption habits. 


How much serum should be applied at once?

You should use 2 pumps of the Purple Magic Serum on your toothbrush and brush gently, twice a day in addition to regular brushing to get the best results.

Can children use this combo? 

This combo can be used by children above the age of 10 years.