One of my favourite customer stories in a long time ❣️

in Oct 5, 2022



 I know it's been two days since Sunday and we're quite late for our Sunday newsletter but we are approaching our first anniversary (Yes! It's almost been an year) and we have been busy planning a few things for our most special and valued people like you who're the reason why we are here. So, gear up. We have something exciting coming up for you very, very soon.

Till then, I have a very interesting story and believe me, this couldn't wait. 
A couple of days back, we received an email with the subject line :

"My boyfriend gifted me an oral care kit for our anniversary, And it got me infuriated"
Quite skeptical, I hesitatingly opened the email thinking we were the reason for someone's break up and this was going to a letter of hate but to my surprise, it was one of the most heartwarming emails we have ever received. I wanted to share it with you as well and so here it goes :
I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and we were completing a year on 6th Aug.
I spent an entire month planning for our first anniversary, my boyfriend is really big on cricket so I got him the perfect kit with a bat, stumps and a leather ball which I signed myself to give it a personalized touch. He had been planning on getting the kit but never really went ahead with executing it. He was Thrilled! Almost teary eyed. 
When my chance came to open my gift, the gift box looked something like this which was exciting itself. My first guess was an expensive body care hamper but too my shock it was an oral care kit. In my head the reaction was “what the fuck is this” while on the surface I faked my happiness since I didn’t want to ruin our day. I didn’t even care to open the box because I took it as an offence.

I did express my sadness later on to him and asked these questions: Do you not like my teeth? Does my breath stink? Our kisses turn you off due to my breath?  

To which he laughed really really hard and replied; you silly! Everything you do or have is perfect and forced me to open the gift. This was not any normal dental care it. It looked like something out of the world!!!

My favorite colour toothbrush with a personalization: “No pain ever”.

I recently went through a RCT treatment and two days were a little painful. He said he would never want me to go through something like that. A pimple on the face or dandruff in hair will never suck as much as a toothache. Not just perfect oral health for pain relief but for him it also symbolizes togetherness.

It was special because every morning we get up and brush together. We might not always eat breakfast together but brushing is our ritual. He wanted to make it more exciting with more flavors, more colours and better innovation. 

Unlike a bike, piece of clothing, or a video game, an oral care kit is something one will use twice a day, every day. He also confessed that it took him a great deal of time and effort to find a perfect gift for someone who has it all and something that fits perfectly with what I deserve. 

Hearing all this coming from him melted me and got me really infuriated at myself for feeling awkward with the thought of oral care as a gift. It can be so much more than just bad breath :)"
gift box
To be candid, I had tears in my eyes while reading this email and I specifically asked our beloved customer if I can share this story with our community. And she was more than happy to give us her permission. 

On that note, we recently launched our GIFT COLLECTION and our gift boxes are selling like hot cakes. The response from our customers has been very encouraging and this gives us the confidence to add more options to our Gift Collection. 
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Thank you once again for being an engaged member of our community.