Meet our Team

Here are the showstoppers that run the show behind the screens. And these are not all. There is a team that works day in and day out to deliver smiles to you. If you would like to join us, feel free to reach out on

Jatan Bawa


Creative Dreamer

Extremely passionate about imagining and creating innovative things. I prefer reading autobiographies, indulging & learning about different cuisines, and having conversations with people on a variety of topics. I'm always running late in meetings & hence I'm bad with time management but good with people.

Tushar Khurana



Hustling my way to make everyone experience and live the Perfora magic. I firmly believe in thinking beyond the first order and I am convinced that is where the magic happens. Outside of work I like listening to podcasts, reading and catching up on all of my missed workouts. 

Drishti Singhal


Silent Soldier

Swimming against the tide excites me. I like challenging myself beyond the shackles of mundane day to day tasks and constantly learn in the process. My perfect Sunday comprises of a cup of coffee, thoughts of an inspiring author and a beautiful view. At Perfora, I look at all things D2C.

Vigya Vini


Operations Hustler

I have always been a sucker for building a team that delivers happiness and smiles with every order. I am enthusiastic about customer delight, metrics, and scaling business. I love playing cricket and traveling in my free time.

Raghav Ruia


On Ground Ninja

I am a mix of Operations and Sales. While on the stage, I put up such a show that the audience is hooked and keeps coming back. While behind the stage, I set up the props and the dias in a manner such that the experience remains consistent throughout.

Rashika Chaudhry


Social Strategy Cracker

I am an ambivert, with affinity for all things food, pretty and poetry. You'll find me laughing in a corner with mischief written all over my face in the office. I manage social media and content vertical at Perfora. If not seen roaming around with my camera, you'll find me writing sketches and scripts.

Sanchi Virmani


LIIT to the Team

My role, just like the infamous LIIT, is a strong mix of various verticals. Guaranteed to give you loads of learnings and a little hangover of never liking any role other than this one. A musician at heart, who loves R&B, Soul and all things John Mayer. 

Jyotsna Bhardwaj


Social Strategy Cracker

I am an avid reader with a knack for storytelling. So I start and unwind my day by indulging in historic period stories. And in the meantime, I brew some with Perfora. Aiming to make these historic as well. 

Sasha Sharma


All Things Human

Dreamer, creator, and evangelist of people's potential and human centricity in systems and processes. Her ideal Sunday? Ideating to drive people practices par excellence!