About Us

Perfora™ is practical, promising and precisely designed to elevate your everyday oral care regime. We have worked closely with experts to create safe and effective products with better for you ingredients and technology. Perfora is an innovative oral care brand with products that will make oral care easy, inviting and enjoyable!
At Perfora™, we strongly believe in adding value to the life of everyday consumers. We are building a clean, functional and design led oral care brand. 
We are mindful of our actions and its impact on the environment. As a proud member of 1% For The Planet, 1% of our total revenue is directed towards organisations working on preserving and restoring the environment. 
The guys who are on a mission to elevate your everyday oral care -

We are curious individuals who set out to build a brand that will deliver real value to the consumers. Oral care is a super important part of our everyday routine and the lack of exciting products in this space led us to conceptualise Perfora.

  To be candid, we are a little anxious if we can live up to the expectations and build an iconic brand, however, we strongly believe in learning along the way. We look forward to your support and love in this journey!

If you would like to connect with us, please reach out on founders@perforacare.com

Wish us luck :)


Tushar & Jatan