Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Does it really work?

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Does it really work?


A smile is the prettiest thing a person can wear and with bright and white teeth it becomes even prettier. But when it comes to colour, everyone’s teeth are different and have a different colour. While everyone wants white and bright teeth, the reality is many of them have yellow, brown, or discoloured teeth that happen due to various lifestyle and health reasons. It makes sense that you also want your teeth to be whiter and if surface stains are contributing to the bad appearance of your teeth, the teeth whitening toothpaste can be your friend!

What’s in Whitening Toothpastes?

Non-whitening toothpaste is meant to assist remove some surface stains while cleaning teeth and improving oral health, however, whitening toothpaste helps brighten your smile by eliminating even more surface stains. Regular teeth brightening toothpaste mostly includes some kind of mild abrasive while some whitening toothpaste depends on Baking Soda. The cleaning agent in the toothpaste may vary from one another but all help in making the teeth whiter.

Some teeth brightening toothpaste use hydrogen peroxide but this chemical apart from its teeth cleaning properties can cause sensitivity and pain, even in low doses.

Another safe chemical or whitening agent is carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide when used in whitening toothpaste. It also produces quicker results than hydrogen peroxide.

 While there are several whitening toothpastes some people still prefer using home remedies for whitening their teeth such as baking soda with water, apple cider vinegar with baking soda, and coconut oil which contains lauric acid, and can break down bacteria while improving the health of teeth. However, they take a little longer in showing results.

Whereas the teeth whitening toothpaste by Perfora care contains a soothing concoction of chamomile, strawberry and cinnamon extract formulated Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-HAp) for powerful demineralizing and sodium bicarbonate to effectively whiten the teeth.

Pros and Cons of teeth whitening toothpaste

Pros :

The primary advantage of teeth whitening toothpaste is purely aesthetic. Most individuals believe that using whitening toothpaste will give them attractive smiles that will help make them attract attention and make them appear more desirable, but an unpleasant grin might jeopardize both relationship and career success. It all boils down to confidence that may help you succeed in a variety of undertakings, and getting your teeth whitened can increase your confidence.

The whitening toothpaste from Perfora helps in removing plaque and its bacterial build-up and also removes bad breath. Made from clean ingredients which safe for your teeth and gum health.


If you decide to use teeth whitening toothpaste, you need to be aware of the adverse effects that come with them. The most serious can be gum sensitivity and inflammation.

Because it is abrasive, it may wear away tooth enamel and cause teeth to appear yellow.

  1. It will not erase spots beneath the enamel.
  2. Everyday usage may result in tooth sensitivity.
  3. Most products lack fluoride, which aids in the prevention of cavities and tooth disease.
  4. It has the potential to discolour older teeth as well as dental treatments such as veneers, bridges, crowns, and white fillings.
  5. Its long-term consequences and safety remain unknown.

Other Options for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening toothpaste is not the only option to have bright and white teeth and regain your self-confidence. There are many other options available over the counter:

  1. Custom Fit Tray Bleaching: It is one of the most dependable procedures in which the whitening tray materials are placed on the teeth. The trays prevent the gel or whitening ingredient from escaping from the tray, resulting in maximum exposure. These trays are handy and can help you whiten your teeth in a short period of time.
  2. Whitening strips are little strips of whitening substance that are widely accessible in retailers. Simple to use the benefits of these strips might be evident in as little as three days. These are best suited if you have light to moderate stains and are short on time. You can also do it at leisure and in the comfort of your own home.
  3.  Laser Bleaching: Lasers are the new therapy for teeth whitening. The laser aids in the activation of the whitening ingredient used in the therapy whereas guards are put over the lips and gums to protect them throughout the process. Consult your dentist before getting the laser treatment as he/she will recommend the best form of treatment for your unique situation.



There are many teeth whitening solutions by Perfora that are widely accessible, whether in the form of toothpaste, or powder that are made from clean ingredients and are less harmful to your health.

Lavender Rose:

One of the best available on the market is made of real and effective ingredients such as Nano Hydroxyapite, strawberry extracts, vitamin C & E, and many more. This toothpaste is also SLS-free, which makes it a safer option.

Teeth Whitening Powder:

Formulated with baking soda, an ingredient that naturally whitens the teeth along with removing plaque and tartar is a powerful product from Perfora care that helps improve oral hygiene

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