Why Should You Consider a Water Flosser?

in Mar 6, 2022

Dental care and dental hygiene are, as they should be, one of the most crucial aspects of one’s health and personal hygiene. Oral health is equally just as important as our general physical health. Most often than not, people neglect oral care as they forget to include it in their checklist of physical wellbeing. However, oral health care is by far quite crucial when it comes to one’s well being.

Bad oral hygiene can lead to a chain of issues and concerns like tooth decay, yellow teeth, gum problems and other issues like bad breath, dry mouth, and so on. These do not only cause a person physical pain, dental issues also directly affect one’s confidence and interpersonal skills.

Dental issues that cause pain also restrict nutrition as a person may or may not be able to eat well - this directly affects one’s energy levels and physical health. With good oral health, on the other hand, a person can maintain dental health, clean teeth, healthy gums, a fresh breath, and so on - boosting their confidence in themselves while allowing good health overall.

However, maintaining teeth hygiene in today’s time is not as straightforward as just regular cleanings using a simple toothbrush and toothpaste. With more unhealthy lifestyle choices coming into practice around the world - which includes bad eating practices, high sugar intake, high soda, and aerated drinks intake, and such - teeth problems are more likely to occur. With the increasing burden of problems, we need to take proactive steps to make efforts to preserve our teeth and maintain good oral health.

The first steps to doing this include making changes in the lifestyle choices, of course - and identifying the right oral care products to suit your needs and have an effective impact on your teeth and gums. While almost everybody remembers to brush their teeth, what a lot of people do not consider doing is adding efficient oral care products to their dental care routine. Such products may include a soft-bristle manual or electric toothbrush (check Perfora’s truthbrush), tongue cleaners, dental floss or dental water flosser, mouthwash, and such.

About Teeth Flossing

Teeth flossing is a technique where you use a string of dental floss to clean between your teeth. This area between the teeth is otherwise harder to reach with just a regular toothbrush. Typically, dental floss is a cord of thin strings - designed to reach between teeth and remove any residual food or debris from there. If unchecked, these hidden pieces of food between your teeth can lead to cavities in your teeth and may lead to deterioration of oral health in general. Thus, regularly flossing one’s teeth may give the user the benefit of preventing dental issues and staying healthy.

Traditionally, dental floss is a string-like device but, with advancements in inventions and science, more effective and equipped devices can be seen in the market. One such oral care product is a water flosser. A dental water flosser or oral irrigation device is a product that uses a high-pressure stream of water on the teeth to push out any residual food debris or dental plaque from between the teeth. The benefits of the water flosser over a regular string flosser are countless.

Should You Use Water Flosser?

The answer is yes! Here are some reasons why:

  • More efficiency: A water flosser is undoubtedly more efficient because of its automatic nature and extra power over manual flossing techniques and products.
  • More control: It allows you more control as unlike a typical string floss, you can use the electric flosser using lesser effort. Once you understand the technique, the ease of flossing would leave you speechless!
  • Time-effective: As opposed to the manual version, this type of device does more work in less time which makes it more effective and even time efficient!
  • Better health: Paired with the right choice of oral care products, it allows you better health.

There are numerous variants of this device available in the market. Some are battery-operated, some that function with direct electricity. These devices, typically also come with features that support friendliness for users and allow the user more control over the process. Perfora’s Smart Flosser comes with countless features and benefits!

Perfora Smart Flosser

Perfora brings to you a smart and electric dental water flosser that would become your favourite in no time. This device covers everything that a general water flosser does, and offers more! It comes with interesting features including:

  • 5 Flossing Modes
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 30 Day Battery Life
  • 360° Rotating Nozzle
  • Smart Memory Function

While great products like Perfora’s water flosser are effective and efficient, it is natural that new science is met with new doubts! Here are a few frequently asked questions along with their answers to sweep off any scepticism you may have around water flossing:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a water flosser damage gums?

People may or may not experience some slight discomfort when using the device for the first time, which might even be accompanied by minor bleed from gums - but as a matter of fact, this device is approved and rather recommended by international dentistry authorities. Water flossers, thus, do not harm teeth or gums at all. They are engineered to have the right amount of pressure to push out food debris and dental plaque while staying gentle on your precious whites!

How effective is a water flosser?
According to most dentists, water flossers are evidently more effective than the traditional way. In fact, its efficiency is said to be exponentially better when compared to regular string floss. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, a water flosser can be almost 30% more efficient than string floss.

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