Copper Tongue Cleaner

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  • Perfora Tongue Cleaner is made up of 100% pure Indian Copper
  • It’s unique design is handcrafted by artisans
  • Effectively removes bacteria from your tongue and keeps your mouth healthy
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Created by Experts

Our products are precisely designed with expert consultation & lab trials for elevating oral care.

Hand Crafted

Our tongue cleaner is completely hand crafted by artisans with 100% pure copper and coated with a rust proof material.

Better for the Planet

We ensure that all the products we sell are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The Perfora Difference

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

It is a good product

Ashish Chauhan

Excellent products


i have been using this cleaner for about 1.5 yrs now and I have totally no objections regarding this product. it also have zero rust contact and looks brand new everyday. in the end this product would be a total lifesaver for your mouth protection

Jay Vadher
Good design

Good design

Riya Jain
Good product.

One of the best tongue cleaners, I have ever used

Meghna Tiwatia

Great product, and good quality.

Samaira shaikh


Frequently Asked Questions

Tongue Cleaner
Learn about tongue cleaner benefits, use, etc.
What is Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner?

Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner is a high-quality tool designed to effectively clean the surface of the tongue, promoting fresher breath and better oral hygiene.

Why should I use Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner?

Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner harnesses the antimicrobial properties of copper to help reduce bacteria on the tongue, leading to improved breath and oral health.

How often should I use Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner?

For optimal results, use Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner daily, ideally in the morning after brushing your teeth, to remove bacteria and debris that accumulate overnight.

Tongue Cleaner Features
Learn what is special about Tongue cleaner, etc.
Is Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner better than using a regular toothbrush for tongue cleaning?

Yes, Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner is designed specifically for tongue cleaning and is generally more effective than using a toothbrush alone due to its specialized design and material.

Does using Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner have any additional benefits?

Besides improving oral hygiene and reducing bad breath, Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner can also enhance taste sensation by removing residues that can dull taste buds.

Is Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner suitable for everyone?

Yes, Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner is suitable for most individuals, including those with sensitive tongues. It is designed for gentle and effective cleaning.

How to Use
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How does Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner work?

Made from pure copper, Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner features a smooth, curved surface that efficiently removes bacteria, food debris, and dead cells from the tongue.

How do I clean and maintain Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner?

After each use, rinse Perfora's Copper Tongue Cleaner with water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Periodically, wash it with mild soap and water to maintain cleanliness.