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Dream Smile Combo

Dream Smile Combo

Product Description

  • We have a solution that is all gains, & zero pains
  • No teeth sensitivity after whitening
  • You can now brighten your teeth up to 5 shades in 14 days
  • No mess. No stress. Just clean teeth

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This Combo Contains

Dream White - Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Perfect combination of scientifically proven and natural ingredients i.e. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Suphate) Free, Titanium Dioxide Free, and Sodium Saccharin Free.

Teeth Whitening Powder - Triple Mint

This blend contains powerful natural extracts that help in effective teeth whitening.

Created by Experts

Our products are precisely designed with expert consultation & lab trials for elevating oral care.

Peroxide Free

We have replaced Peroxide with Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (known as PAP) - a clean and more effective ingredient.

1% for the Planet

As proud members of this community, 1% of our total revenue will be directed to organizations working on preserving and restoring the environment.

How to use Teeth Whitening Powder

A safe and effective solution for teeth whitening!

The Perfora Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Smile Combo
Learn about teeth whitening benefits, use, etc.
Why should I use Dream Smile Combo?

The Dream Smile Combo helps remove the yellow layer of plaque on the teeth by cutting through it with its powerful ingredients.

How does teeth whitening powder work?

The teeth whitening powder is formulated with sodium bicarbonate, diatomaceous earth and 3 types of mint that remove stains and enhances natural tooth colour.

What else does the Dream Smile Combo do apart from whiten?

The Dream Smile Combo also aids the following:

  • Effectively promotes oral metabolism, improves oral immunity
  • Nourishes gums, prevents receding gums, prolongs teeth life
  • Completely kills oral inflammation and suppresses bleeding gums
  • Prevention and treatment of oral ulcers
When and how should I use the Dream Smile Combo?

It is advisable to use the teeth whitening powder 3 to 4 times a week and Dream White toothpaste daily twice in a day.

  • Apply pea sized amount of toothpaste on wet bristles.
  • Dip the brush in the teeth whitening powder.
  • Brush gently for 2 minutes.

Even though it can be used without the toothpaste, we recommend using it with it

How much teeth whitening powder should I apply at once?

For best results, one dip of the toothpaste applied in the teeth whitening powder is enough. You do not need to do multiple dips.

Learn about the ingredients, its benefit, etc
How does Sodium Bicarbonate help?

Sodium Bicarbonate is effective at breaking up plaque formation and reducing plaque acidity. After you eat and drink, sugars that remain trapped in your teeth react with bacteria in your mouth to produce acid. Once the acid drops below a critical pH level (the measure of acidity of a solution), it eats away at enamel and dentin to cause tooth decay. Sodium bicarbonate raises the pH level in your mouth and creates an alkaline environment that stops the formation of cavities

Why have you added aloevera extracts in this?

We have added aloevera as it has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that helps to relieve inflammation from gum diseases.