Love - As We All Know It

in Nov 14, 2021


Hope you had a beautiful Diwali. If you did not celebrate this year, hope this year gives you the strength, love, and warmth that makes you stronger.

What a week has this been for me - filled with love, warmth, lots of delicious food, and some introspection.

Today, I want to talk about love, something that we all desire and need in our lives. It is an essential ingredient that plays a very important role in the dish called “life” On a side note, I’m an aspiring chef and hence this analogy. 

A few of you might know that we’re a super young team that is building a company from the ground up for the very first time. And I would like to highlight, it isn’t all hunky dory. It’s a roller coaster ride with some amazing days, good days, bad days and then there are days where one feels terrible about how things are panning out.  

On such terrible days, it becomes important to look for that shining light and something that keeps us going. For us, the single most important thing that matters is what our customers are saying about our brand, and how they are feeling about our product. In hindsight, whenever a customer has reached out and shared their experience with Perfora, it becomes a point of conversation, internally. We all get too excited when a customer is raving about our product and extremely concerned if they haven’t had a good experience.

TBH, we feel really really good that so many of you are expressing love and sharing feedback as it not only helps us tide over the bad days but also helps us to improve our product and offering. We love to hear constructive feedback :)

It is extremely difficult to choose which is our favorite customer review, however I wanted to share a few reviews that have really made our day(s)! Needless to say, we read every review with great interest and in detail.

By NavpreetSimple elegant packaging and toothbrush. Looks like a beautiful and useful gift to give. Recommended for people who spend too little time brushing, do it hastily and ineffectively. Taking care of all our teeth has become more important these days. Link to full review

We love how he has detailed out the functionality and talked about small observations like Truthbrush stands on the basin shelf. 

By Dr. EkashmiI saw my teeth becoming cleaner without adding much extra effort or extra toothpaste. I used to get vomiting for doing brushing for a longer time and now this electric toothbrush solved my problem. Link to full review

Super interesting how our Truthbrush has made brushing enjoyable for Dr. Ekashmi and now she brushes thrice a day. We need more such people in our community. 

By Divya - The product came in a very good packaging. It is sleek in design, lightweight as well. Also, it makes very little noise while using. Link to full review. Link to full review

Bleeding gums is a big concern for a lot of people and it feels great to hear that our product is addressing this grave issue for consumers. And we take note of all the feedback in terms of improvement areas as pointed out by her. 

By Mohit - Brilliant brush, exceeds my expectations at this price. Customer service is also incredible. An issue with delivery and shipping was handled extremely professionally and the response from the team was really quick. Overall great brand and great product!

We are speechless. This is absolutely something that we would love to hear every single day. 

By Srikar - Your product is class. I have used all leading products. But this one I like the most. Thanks for bringing nice product.

Feedback from an experienced person like Srikar means a lot. Primarily because he has seen pretty much everything in life.

Fortunately, in the last few months of building this brand, we have experienced all kinds of emotions and I believe it is making us ready for what is about to come, in the future.

And if you would like to share your feedback about our brand and products, we are all ears. Please feel free to use any mode of communication - email, Whatsapp, Website, Instagram DM, etc. and write to us. 

Lastly, in one of my earlier emails, I had asked for book suggestions to pick up my next and quite a few of you shared some interesting books. I’m currently reading (suggested by one of you) Harsh Realities - The Making of Marico by Harsh Mariwala. So far, it’s a great read.

Harsh Realities by Mariwala | Perfora

Also, our Probiotic Mouthwash is fast running out of stock so if you haven’t pre-ordered, now is the time. Believe me, this is a mouthwash that will refresh you like never before.

Until next time,