Open Your Eyes To Colours 🌈

in Nov 16, 2021


This isn’t any other letter that we have been sending almost every Sunday to you. This letter holds a special place in my heart and there are reasons for it. 

I have been wanting to write this letter for a long while (ever since we started) and I’m so glad that the day is finally here. It feels surreal but that’s how life is. 

Today, we are introducing COLORS in TRUTHBRUSH. It’s been a journey to make this happen while coordinating prototypes, packaging, and production across 3 different countries operating from home/office set-up. 

A little context 

While growing up as a kid, I was big on pop colors - vibrant pink, green, yellow, red, etc. I very vividly remember having a say in what kind of toys and clothes I would want to own and every single time, I would opt for something that was a little bright and seemed like more fun (the one on the leftmost is Baby Jatan).

Jatan Bawa as a kid  

And as I started blooming into a handsome young man (you sense, narcissism? Maybe), I started gravitating towards more black & white choices in my lifestyle. This is because I didn’t want to be the odd one out or in any way be considered a Ranveer Singh admirer. Though, last year, while we all were going through the pandemic and figuring out lives in those uncertain times, I felt a sense of belonging towards colors and felt it just made me a happier and cheerful person. 

Apart from my inclination towards pop colors, in general, colors have always been a sign of “joy”. In Indian households, colors play an important part in all the festivities whether it is in the form of rangoli or flowers or different types of sweets. 

Thus, as a young brand, while starting out, with limited resources and not sure if you will love our electric toothbrush, we started in a single color and took a conscious call to start with black (because it is safe and is considered to be premium). With all the love, support and feedback we have received from you, we wanted to introduce Colorful Toothbrushes so that brushing can become even more fun and more people in your family can use Truthbrush.

So, here we reveal carefully and consciously selected the following NEW COLORS

Spicy Coral - A combination of orange and pink, this color toothbrush is the perfect balance of vibrancy and subtle tones and comes in matte finish. This toothbrush looks spicy and hence the name. 

Coral Colour Electric Toothbrush | Perfora

Ocean Blue - Considering Toothbrush and water go hand in hand, it was going to be difficult not to introduce something in the shade of blue. This blue is light in tone and is a great addition to your washroom.  

Ocean Blue Electric Toothbrush | Perfora

Avocado Green: Well, we were surprised initially to see that our community loves green and would want to own a toothbrush in this color. This green is pastel in shade, and more on the lines of Aloe Vera however we thought Avocado sounds more cool and hence it is called so. 

Avocado Green Electric Toothbrush | Perfora

BTW, if you are wondering, how did we decide among these 3 colors among so many out there? It’s simple, we asked our community and they voted their preferences and we went ahead with it.

Perfora Poll Results

And we sincerely hope that you are going to fall in love with these amazing new toothbrush colors and pre-order a bunch of these for your family and friends and make their brushing more fun and lively.

P.S.  - Only for our community, we are offering an exclusive 25% discount if you PRE-ORDER. Use code: COLOURS And pre-order will last only for the next 10 days till 24th September. So, hurry up.

P.P.S - Since we love you so much and we know you are going to PRE-ORDER, we are offering FREE NAME PERSONALISATION if you PRE-ORDER. Yes, that’s correct. A colorful toothbrush with your name printed on it will only cost you INR 1125. That is a STEAL DEAL.

If you have any questions/feedback with respect to new colors and Pre-order, please reply to this email.