Change and Growth

in Nov 23, 2021


It has been a little over 3 months since we officially launched our website. Reflecting on how things have progressed got me thinking about how individuals and brands evolve as they age and how they cope with the challenges that come with it. 

Being anxious about how the future will pan out is a normal feeling. Individuals go through it and if brands had a living persona of their own, they would definitely experience something similar. 

A certain reality is that things mostly will not work out as planned (barring those few lucky ones we all envy who just have it all figured out). We fidget, hustle, and learn to figure out the path and in the process see ourselves changing significantly. The same is true for brands - we all have read stories of brands completely pivoting to a new field or model in pursuit of staying relevant and charting out a better future. 

The number of changes, additions, or pivots that Perfora will or will not go through is anybody’s guess. However, one thing that has been solidified even further in our little existence is our core anchor - “Adding value everyday” which will give us a sense of direction as Perfora evolves. Whether it be new product development, customers, team,  vendors, or anybody else. A key target will be to add value to whoever chooses to interact with us in whatever capacity to help us build Perfora into a loved brand. 

As individuals too, change is the only constant. So don’t get bogged down if you get flak from people for changing too much. Know that you are growing and evolving to be able to better adapt and enjoy the realities around you. But it will always help to identify a few anchors which can give you a sense of direction and make you enjoy the process better. 

Also thank you for all the pre-orders we have been receiving for the new color toothbrushes. We are so excited for you to experience them in real life. 

We finally started shipping out the mouthwashes after struggling to have them in place. Ended up using our personal car as the cargo vehicle. What an adventure putting out a new product is. Testament to the fact that things do not work out as planned. Make sure to get your hands on them.