Our First Diwali ✨

in Nov 9, 2021


Diwali is almost here and it is finally time for some celebrations. Hope you are in the mood to reconnect with family and old friends and also welcome the winter for those of us in the North of India :) 

We wrote to you recently about the super exciting addition to our product family. Hope you all got a chance to check out the mouthwashes. Thank you to all those who've already placed the pre-orders. We are so glad you made this a success. Not sure what the others are waiting for :p  

I wanted to sit down and write to all of you as Diwali came earlier than expected for us this year. As a new business one of the biggest anxiety we have is if people will like what we are putting out. We are so so grateful for all the acceptance and love we have received from all of you for our electric truthbrush. It has truly made the joy and experience of starting up worth it and this year we will celebrate Diwali with a certain sense of accomplishment.  

We are left with just 14 units for our truthbrush and are working very hard to bring it back in stock by mid November (some good surprises with that). A few more interesting details from our journey that we will be celebrating this Diwali - 

  1. One of you ordered 12 of our customised electric truthbrushes for your entire family. Don’t we all want a family like that? ;) 
  2. We delivered 100+ couple combos. Nothing brings together love like sharing the morning ritual together 
  3. 50+ Gift wrapped deliveries for our customised toothbrush. We are so thrilled to be a top contender for birthday gift options 
  4. Our product rating is 4.8 - this makes this journey so much more fulfilling  

I hope you all take the next few days to relax, unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones. Please enjoy all the good food that is going to come your way the next few days. However don't forget to brush twice everyday for 2 mins with your Truthbrush. ;) 

P.S. Motichoor ladoos are my absolute favourite and I can't wait to binge my way through them. Do write back with those guilty pleasures that you allow yourself to indulge in this time of the year.  

Happy Diwali,