People at Perfora 🕶️

in Oct 5, 2022


I hope you guys are doing great & having an amazing weekend! 

This Sunday Newsletter is going to be a little different from the ones you have read in the past as it’ll be filled with a lot of fun insights from our Perfora HQ! As you would probably know, we are now a big team of 9 people (of-course we are a fast paced growing brand :D) and everyone is unique in their own personalities. 

I would be introducing you guys to the people you probably haven’t met yet & play a very important role in building Perfora. I’ll walk you guys through the fun & hard work that goes behind building a brand. 

Firstly, I am Dheeraj and I joined Perfora a couple of months ago. I look after the E-Commerce channels for driving business growth. Yes, E-Commerce means all the exciting stuff like revenue targets, understanding product mix, ad’s budget allocation etc. I come from a small town known as Mandi Dabwali in Punjab. It is famous for a sweet called ‘Milk Cake’. I am sure most of you would have tried it this sweet in one form or the other. For those who wanna know a fun thing about me, I am a big time sneaker geek! 


Now, coming back to Perfora!

As we all know, operations is the backbone of every organization & the people executing it make the real difference. Manoj in our team is one of the important people who is a part of our operations team. He takes care of order fulfilment i.e. ensuring all our customer orders are dispatched with 99.9% accuracy.. A very dedicated person who starts his work at 9AM (too early right?) and ensure things are running on schedule. Before Perfora, he was working with a warehousing company and has spent 4+ years working in the operations domain.

Do you guys know Drishti? If not, then let me introduce her to ya’ll. Everything you see on the Perfora website is all the hard work & efforts done by this young talented girl. No she is not a website designer or a website developer but she directly manages all things D2C. She just revamped our website, did you guys check? My first interaction with her was in our office pantry, I was searching for coffee & sugar, she helped me out. Just letting you guys know that she makes an amazing cold coffee & that is exclusively available in Perfora HQ! 

Social media channels of a brand are the face of it to the outside world. It takes a lot to be in the right space & to convey the content properly to our consumers. Do you follow us yet? If not then follow them right away as you guys are definitely missing some real fun in your life (links i’ll share below). All the amazing content you see is curated by our in house content queen Sejal. Fun fact about Sejal is that she always has her camera on, implying she is capturing everything happening at our HQ. Sometimes we all are also not aware of what she had captured & boom a time lapse comes on Perfora’s Instagram story of us all. Exciting, right? 

It’s a lot of fun to work alongside people who are talented, and come with such diverse backgrounds. 

 At Perfora, it feels like we are a part of much larger mission where the goal is to improve oral hygiene for Millons of Indian consumers.

 And if what we do sounds and looks exciting, please feel free to reach out to us. We are growing and looking for more talented people to join our team.