The Inspiration Behind the New Colors❤️💙

in Jun 12, 2023

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This is our Sunday Newsletter where we talk about a variety of topics - who we are, what’s happening behind the scenes, how are we building this brand, our new products and why we launch them, what kind of experiences are we having in this journey, etc., etc. 

This letter is really close to my heart because it is about my father, who is an inspiration to me.

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To start with, we have added two new, refreshing, and dual-tone colored variants to our 

best-selling Electric Toothbrush a.k.a Truthbrush collection.

Seriously, I can’t stop staring at these beautiful colors

If you haven’t bought /tried our electric toothbrush and have been on the fence thinking if you should buy the electric toothbrush if it will be worth it or not, I’d say just take a look at these colors and I hope you won’t be able to resist. 

The launch price for these 2 new color variants is INR 1099 i.e. at a Flat Discount of 27%. I’m not sure if you will ever get the same price so please decide fast. 

Okay, enough of selling our new electric toothbrush color variants, I want to share a little story behind the inspiration for introducing the dual-tone colors. 

This little story is quite personal and hence I would request you to give it a read. It is a short one :)

I look up to my father who has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me. Right from the early days, I have always admired his mannerisms - the way he would address people, his expressions, his walking style, and a lot more. 

An important part of a person’s personality is their dressing style. My father has always been very particular about his clothes and his overall style. Living in a small town, I found this to be extremely impressive in his personality because he felt and still believes that appearance is a very important part of making an impression on the other person.

Growing up, I’d see him get ready for his office and he would spend time deciding the color of his shirt, turban, trousers, socks, and shoes.

One of my observations has been that he tried to play with the colors between his shirt, turban, and trousers. If the color of the turban is dark, his shirt will have a lighter shade with some tones of his turban color or vice versa. 

That’s him, Harpreet Singh Bawa (my father), a handsome young man living life to the fullest.

Now, you see what I’m referring to. The picture is a complete coincidence that is in similar colors to Ruby Red and Aqua Marine Electric Toothbrush colors.

While brainstorming on the new color collection, one evening I was scrolling through some family pictures and this thought of how my father played with colors in his dressing style stuck me and we started building on this thought of bringing 2 different shades of colors together. 

After multiple sessions of brainstorming, understanding the color preferences of consumers, prototyping the toothbrush in new colors, and a few iterations later, we managed to bring this new collection to life.

We like celebrating small wins and it feels great that the first ever dual-color tone Electric Toothbrush is now LIVE.

BTW, we have timed this launch around Father’s Day because the thought of this collection is inspired by my father (in one way or another). 

We still have a week to go and if you are planning to gift anything to your dad, I think our Electric Toothbrush will make up for a very good and thoughtful gift. You can personalize the toothbrush with his name or a quote “World’s Best Dad” or anything that will bring a smile to his face. 

Thank you for reading and giving us your time. We are grateful for your support and we hope we can continue to improve your oral hygiene. 



That’s me with my father, a few years ago.