All About Tongue Hygiene and More!

in Mar 6, 2022

About Tongue Hygiene

Oral hygiene is often misunderstood. There are more things than just teeth and teeth problems that one needs to take into account while looking out for oral health care. One of the most often neglected parts of the mouth is the tongue when it comes to oral health. Cleaning the tongue is as important as it is cleaning the teeth - if not more! People use toothbrushes, mouthwashes, even teeth floss, but one of the most important oral care products that are often excluded in common oral healthcare regimes is a tongue cleaner.

Tongue Cleaners

A tongue cleaner typically is an instrument, used as part of an oral care regime. It is a curve-like device specially designed to help scrape off the coating made of food residue and saliva that covers the tongue’s surface. This coating on the tongue leads to not just bad breath but also deteriorates teeth hygiene. Left unchecked, the bad bacteria on the tongue can lead to bad breath and contribute indirectly to yellow teeth, other teeth problems, gum diseases, and more. A Tongue Cleaner is a great tool that does not only help clean the tongue but also supports health for the entire oral cavity.

Typical tongue cleaners are either made of some form of plastic or a combination of metals. The market is full of tongue cleaners made for both long-term and one-time use. Either way, cleaning the tongue regularly with an efficient tongue cleaner is not only helpful but almost essential in today’s time where we eat all sorts of food that tastes yum but harms our teeth and gums if left unchecked.

The world is always evolving, so are tools and techniques across all spheres of life! New inventions and innovations have always made life easier and tasks are done more efficiently. Similar inventions have been made in the area of tooth care and hygiene. One such great tool that has come out of technological innovations and advancement is Perfora’s Tongue Scraper!

Perfora’s Tongue Scraper

Perfora’s tongue scraper or a copper tongue cleaner is a bacteria-resistant metal. This makes this tongue scraper by far the best tongue cleaner as one of the most important things to look at when dealing with tongue care is bacteria. Often, tongue cleaners made out of materials prone to getting affected by the bacteria of the mouth - make them both inefficient and unhealthy as they may harbour residue bacteria in them. Cleaning the tongue with a copper tongue scraper makes it both efficient and healthy. It eliminates the chance of reusing a tool with residue bacteria and gives you a healthier and safer cleaning experience.

Perfora’s tongue scraper is made out of 100% copper metal that has the potential of improving your oral hygiene exponentially. This scraper is handcrafted into a tool with an ergonomic design. Its unique and flexible design enables optimal cleaning. With regular cleaning using this advanced tool, you can get all the basics like clean teeth, healthy gums, fresh mouth breath covered, and work towards desirable oral health goals like teeth whitening and super strong gums!

That said, we understand that every new invention comes to face scepticism among people. This is why we come bearing answers too! Here are a few frequently asked questions about Perfora’s tongue scraper and tongue cleaners in general.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a metal tongue scraper safe for my tongue?

Yes, Perfora’s ergonomic design gives you both safety and control while using the tool. The intelligent design cleans your tongue gently yet efficiently. The flexible design allows you as a user to control the movement in a way that you can reach the tongue properly, avoid any injuries and get a clean tongue and mouth!

How do you use a tongue scraper?

While it may sound complex, using a tongue scraper is easy. Once you form a habit of it, you would not only do it with ease, you would not complete your teeth routine without it! To use a tongue scraper, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Stick out your tongue as far out as conveniently possible for you.
  • Now, place the device at the back-end of your tongue. You need to place it as far back as possible for the best cleaning.
  • Now, carefully, press the scraper on your tongue and gently pull it towards the front of your tongue.
  • At this point, you should see the scraper at work, scraping off bad bacteria and the coating off your tongue.
  • You may repeat this process again if you feel there is a need.
  • If you are a first-time user, you may re-adjust the pressure and movement you put while using it regularly. This should give you the optimal setting that you need.
  • Make sure you wash the residue bacteria and debris off the device. Clean the scraper and store it in a dry place for your next use!

Should I use a tongue scraper before or after brushing?

Adding a tongue scraper to your cleaning routine is almost essential now. But of course, it is important to remember that a tongue scraper is an addition to your regular cleanings, not a replacement. About when to use the scraper, most experts recommend adding the tool to your regime after using your toothbrush. This adds to the benefit of brushing your teeth. It can also be extremely helpful if you use the device to clean your tongue after every meal. This lets you scrape off any bacteria or food residue from your tongue immediately after the meal. This would prevent the residue from becoming a coating on your tongue which is more difficult to get effectively rid of - more often than not.

When should I replace my tongue scraper?

According to experts, you should ideally replace a regular tongue cleaner or scraper every 3 to 4 months. This is suggested because most scrapers are made up of materials that are prone to get affected by bad oral bacteria. However, Perfora makes it tongue cleaners with 100% copper which is a bacteria-resistant metal. This allows the device to last longer and helps you maintain a happy and healthy mouth!

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