Charcoal Toothbrush: Does it really work?

in Dec 26, 2022

Activated charcoal is a substance created by burning charcoal using heat and gases that make it porous or what is popularly called ‘active’. This results in the creation of pores that allow the substance to trap chemicals. With the increasing awareness of healthy alternatives to daily-use items, activated charcoal has gained popularity among people of all ages. Brands and companies use this newly rediscovered substance as an ingredient in their products to add the value that the product claims to offer. Commonly used to treat certain health conditions or address certain medical concerns, activated charcoal is also now commonly used in daily use products including face masks, face washes, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, among others.

Introduction: Charcoal Toothbrush

As unique as it may sound, a charcoal toothbrush is not as uncommon among people in today’s day and time. Let us understand what it is supposed to be, first. Charcoal toothbrushes essentially are toothbrushes which come with charcoal bristles that contain activated charcoal as one of the substances for manufacturing. This allows the charcoal bristles to act as a carrier of all the properties of this active ingredient and allow the benefits it offers as well. Alongside, many brands also use other key ingredients in addition to activated charcoal including coconut shells, olive pits, and other grainy substances. This adds further value and properties to the product.

These toothbrushes can easily be found in both online and offline channels and markets. Easily identifiable, these toothbrushes commonly have black charcoal bristles and the key ingredients are often mentioned clearly on the packaging. With these becoming a social media trend and a popular line of products, you can also find attractive colours and patterns available to choose from! Now that the ‘what’ is addressed, let us understand the ‘how’ of it all!

The science behind the charcoal toothbrush

The science behind these toothbrushes is simple. As mentioned, activated charcoal has properties that allow the substance to effectively and efficiently trap chemicals and odors, while also allowing several health benefits. Since the charcoal bristles of these technologically powered charcoal toothbrushes or electric charcoal toothbrushes are infused with charcoal as an active ingredient, these brushes provide the same benefits all while working as a key player in the prevention of health concerns. When anyone uses this kind of toothbrush, they are allowing the active ingredient to directly stroke against the teeth and other parts of the mouth. This direct contact leads to friction between the enamel and the charcoal grains leading to oral health benefits including whiter teeth and better breath as this removes plaque and traps odors.

Benefits of charcoal toothbrushes

The benefits of activated charcoal are numerous. This miracle-activated substance is often used in medical emergency management, for example in cases of poisoning or overuse of drugs. Thanks to its extremely porous and absorbent nature, it absorbs and traps the poisons or drugs that need to be managed and prevents them from getting into your digestive tract. Other medical uses of this substance sometimes include the management of intestinal gas, and high cholesterol, among others.

One common and recently more popular use of this ingredient, however, is for dental benefits. This is why products like charcoal toothpaste and electric charcoal toothbrushes are increasingly gaining popularity among people from all cultures and countries. With charcoal bristles, these charcoal toothbrushes are known to provide extra care and oral health benefits to users. Since activated charcoal is known to trap odors and chemicals among other things, these battery toothbrushes or electric charcoal toothbrushes are known to:

  • Whiten teeth better: Activated charcoal is known to absorb components left on the teeth from the use and consumption of food and drink items like coffee, alcohol, tea, and others leading to the reduction and removal of residual stains from the surface of the teeth. This makes your teeth look more natural and white - leaving you with a wider, brighter, and more confident smile.
  • Better Breath: These battery toothbrushes or electric charcoal toothbrushes are known to provide enhanced breath and prevent bad breath due to the magical properties of this ingredient! Other than removing stains, the charcoal also traps odor and bad breath leading to a fresher breath and overall mouthfeel. 
  • Fight bacteria in and out of the oral cavity: Charcoal toothbrushes are scientifically proven to both fight and prevent the congregation of bacteria. While the active agent fights bacteria and uses its anti-bacterial properties to reduce and remove bacteria from the mouth, it is also proven that these toothbrushes collect exponentially lesser amounts of bacteria on their own surface than the alternative, regular toothbrushes.
  • Help fight/remove plaque: Its grainy nature allows activated charcoal to create friction on the surface of the teeth and allows better removal of food or drink residue and plaque from them. This leads to not just whiter teeth but healthier gums, and a happier mouth.

Users and customers of charcoal toothbrushes from all around the world have moved from trying out the new trend to completely switching to charcoal brushes. While every product has its fair share of mixed reviews, these new types of toothbrushes have proven to be the better choice among users.

What are the downsides of charcoal toothbrushes?

As with most things and products in the market, these toothbrushes also have two sides of the narrative - the happy and the grey. While these products are gaining popularity among people and this substance is being rediscovered by people as the new trend everywhere, there are some downsides to their usage that we must be aware of. Some of these include:

  • Too Much Friction: Some people and doctors may opine that while the grainy texture and properties of charcoal may help remove a lot of residues, plaque, and bacteria - inadequate or regular usage of these toothbrushes may also lead to excessive abrasion of the teeth substance leading to possible erosion of the enamel and thinning of the teeth structure. Excessive usage can also lead to added weakness in the tooth structure, making teeth possibly brittle. However, research is underway on these matters.
  • Not Enough Science: While these toothbrushes and many other charcoal-based dental care and hygiene products are widely and readily available in the markets, sold and used in great quantities and numbers, there still isn’t enough science to either confirm or deny the benefits of these products as commonly believed to be. The downside is we can’t say if it works all the magic it's known for, the upside is that there is no proof that it doesn’t work either.

While we wait for the science to arrive, let’s check out some of the best charcoal-based toothbrushes available on the Perfora website

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Perfora Electric Charcoal Battery Toothbrushes

With a motto of elevating everyday oral care, we are dedicated and tirelessly working towards designing the most effective and efficient oral care products - using the best of technology - all while keeping the products trendy and attractive. Our battery electric charcoal toothbrushes are some of the best dental care products you can find in the market. This electric ultra soft bristle toothbrush by Perfora is an extremely handy and efficient product that comes with countless benefits that it provides you on your journey to perfect oral healthcare.

Available in 6 attractive colours (charcoal grey, spicy coral, ocean blue, avocado green, very peri lavender, and bamboo brown), our dentist-approved electric charcoal toothbrush or battery toothbrush is the future of oral healthcare and could become your companion for oral health too.

“Loved the packaging and the sleek design of the toothbrush. There's none like this in the market!” - a happy customer!

The electric nature means a longer lasting and more durable product working 10X the job as compared to a manual toothbrush - proving to be both effective and pocket friendly in the long run! With just a push of a button, you can get as many as 26,000 strokes per minute as opposed to 8,000 strokes per minute of a regular electric charcoal toothbrush or battery toothbrush, and 200-400 strokes per minute of a manual toothbrush.

Multiple vibration modes powered by sonic technology and other features like timer settings allow you complete control and power over your oral care regime. The 90-day battery life, ergonomic lightweight design and waterproof qualities make it hassle-free. You also get a brush head protective cover inside the box with the product which keeps the brush safe, and clean, and make it travel-friendly. Well, the list doesn’t end here.

With activated charcoal, this ultra-soft bristle toothbrush provides you with the benefits of the miracle substance this active agent is. The charcoal absorbs bad odour and bacteria, and removes stains, plaque, and other food/drink residue from your teeth surface - allowing you whiter teeth, a brighter smile, and a fresher breath!

“I loved the brush. Never have I ever loved brushing my teeth in the entirety of my life. I brush x2 a day religiously. I also had bleeding gums and slight receding gums which has completely vanished.” - a proud and happy customer

If that wasn’t enough reason, the one-year warranty and 100% money-back policy have to do it! You can also try pairing this product along with our other high-quality products like charcoal teeth whitening powder,ultra-soft bristle toothbrushes, our flavourful toothpaste, mouthwashes, oil pulling, dental flosser, and tongue cleaners, among others - also available in amazing value packs for your choosing!

Our team is a proud producer of premium quality oral care products loved by over 20,000 customers and growing who have chosen superior oral healthcare with Perfora’s products. Don’t wait, choose Perfora and elevate your everyday oral care by building a regime for a healthier and brighter future! 

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