Dental Water Flosser vs. String Floss

in Feb 28, 2022

There are endless ways that people adopt to avoid teeth problems and to maintain perfect dental health. Apart from the standard practice of using a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwashes, and tongue cleaners, dental flosses are another great way to keep oral health care in check.

Much like any other tool or technique, the invention of teeth flosser is also continuously going through an evolution, resulting in better and more advanced versions of it. Traditionally, dental floss is a cord of thin filaments used for regular cleanings to remove food and plaque from between different teeth, typically to reach the hidden difficult places where a toothbrush cannot easily reach.

Its regular use as part of oral cleaning is intended to maintain good oral health. A dental water flosser is an advanced high-tech version of the traditional string dental flosser.

A dental water flosser is an electric device and is typically run on a battery. The device works automatically by shooting out pressurized water into the dental cavity - effectively targeting the areas between the teeth.

This type of floss requires exponentially lesser manual effort, as the user can simply hold the device over the surface of the dental cavity and directly clean. The device works seamlessly and allows the water to do the actual work for the user.

The benefits of the dental water flosser outrun those of all the various other oral care products, Among the many models and versions of a dental water flosser for teeth, many come with different automatic versions, changeable bristle options, flossing variations, and such.

Many international and universal organizations of the medical and dental professionals like the American Dental Hygienists’ Association recommend water dental flossers over the traditional string flossers for various reasons. While both dental water flossers and string flossers have their own advantages and disadvantages, the inclination towards the former is generally since its advantages are much more favourable than of the latter. Let us look into the pros and cons of both:

Dental Water Flosser | Pros

Lesser manual effort: An automatic electric flosser option requires much less manual effort and does much more work in exponentially lesser effort from the user.

  • Time-efficient: This type of device is much more time-efficient than the manual version. It does more work in lesser time with higher efficiency.
  • Automatic: The electric flossing technique uses water stream or pressure to remove the leftover food or plaque from teeth which leads to lesser manual scraping and hurt in the teeth or gums
  • More Inclusive: Water flossing devices are much more suitable for people with braces or injuries or even permanent or long term teeth problems which might get worse with manual flossing
  • Higher efficiency: An electric flosser reaches farther and more hidden spots as compared to a traditional string. This leads to better oral health and checks all the boxes of preventing you from bad breath, yellow teeth, dry mouth, and gum diseases.

Dental Water Flosser | Cons

Costly: These devices are much costlier than any other oral care products made for teeth flossing. This factor often puts its worth under question.

  • Storage: It needs more space for storage as compared to strings. Also, storage of this device needs to be done with care as the device might wear out or malfunction otherwise.
  • Care & Caution: Using a water dental flosser requires more caution when using as using the wrong water stream variation might not suit the need or preference of the user.
  • Dependant: Such devices are dependent on a battery which makes them vulnerable to drying out of charge.
  • Portability: Fewer cordless models make it difficult to carry for travel which makes it a challenge for people used to flossing wherever they go.

String Dental Flosser | Pros

  • Better control: Traditional flossing techniques give users more control as they can drive their hands in the direction using the kind of pressure they are more comfortable with.
  • Pocket-friendly: The inexpensiveness of this type makes it much more preferable for people who do not wish to invest a heft amount into oral care products
  • Easy accessibility: Anyone can get a traditional string floss easily at any general or medical store available around any neighbourhood
  • Storage: Strings do not take a lot of space to store and are far easier to store as well
  • Portability: These string flossers are much easier to carry for travels

String Dental Flosser | Cons

Time consuming: The traditional tool and its technique requires a lot of time to complete the process which might become frustrating for some users

  • Less efficiency: Even with more time spent on the process the traditional strings are much less efficient than the electric devices
  • Limited reach: These strings, due to limited visibility and manual control have a subsequently limited reach within the dental cavity
  • Requires enhanced technique: A more cautious and enhanced technique is required to efficiently use the string without hurting oneself
  • Scope of injury: A poor technique with the string may lead to bleeding in teeth or gums in some cases
  • Inclusivity: The string version does not work well for people with braces, which allows lesser people to choose it over the electric ones

Now that you know the pros and cons of a dental water flosser and string flosser, your purchase journey will become easier. You should decide basis your current oral health needs, convenience and your dentist recommendation. Make sure you couple flossing with an electric toothbrush, mouthwash and a tongue cleaner for that super clean mouth!

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