Why It's Time to Switch to a Dental Flosser

in Jun 2, 2024


In the pursuit of optimal dental hygiene, innovative tools like the electric teeth flosser are revolutionising the way we care for our teeth. Perfora is a company dedicated to promoting SLS-free toothpastes and dental care products. We understand the importance of adopting practices and tools that not only enhance oral health but also align with the principles of gentle and effective care. The journey towards improved dental hygiene is not just about brushing but also ensuring that every part of your oral care routine is optimised for the best results. This blog explores why it’s high time to  switch to a dental flosser, emphasising the electric and water-based varieties that promise to elevate your oral hygiene routine to new heights.

Infographic highlighting the benefits of a dental flosser

Key Takeaways

  • Dental flossers, including the water jet teeth flosser from Perfora, offer a modern and effective alternative to traditional string floss, especially for those with braces or sensitive gums.
  • Water flossers are easier to use, less abrasive, and can reach deeper below the gum line compared to traditional floss, making them a valuable tool for maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • The choice between traditional flossing and water flossing depends on individual needs, preferences, and oral health conditions, with both methods playing a vital role in oral hygiene routines.
  • Explore Perfora's range of SLS-free toothpastes and dental care products to find the perfect match for your flossing needs, ensuring a bright and healthy smile for years to come.


Electric Teeth Flosser: A Game-Changer in Dental Care

The electric teeth flosser a.k.a. electric dental flosser, is a technological marvel in dental care designed to clean between teeth and below the gumline using a stream of water. Unlike traditional string floss, which can be awkward to use and sometimes harsh on the gums, electric flossers provide a more comfortable, efficient, and effective way to remove plaque and debris. The significance of integrating an electric teeth flosser into your oral hygiene routine cannot be overstated. It is especially beneficial for those with braces, dental implants, or sensitivity issues, offering a hassle-free solution of maintaining dental health. Read here to find out how to effectively use a dental flosser.

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Unveiling the Benefits: Water Flosser Advantages

water flosser benefits you in a multitude of ways and contributes significantly to its popularity among dental care enthusiasts. Employing a steady stream of water, these devices flush out food particles and plaque from hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough clean that traditional floss can sometimes miss. Their effectiveness in reducing gingivitis, bleeding, and gum disease has been well-documented, securing them a spot as a top recommendation by dental professionals. Among the array of options available, the Perfora Water Flosser stands out for those in pursuit of optimal oral health. It exemplifies the pinnacle of water flosser technology, offering users a deeper clean with enhanced convenience. Understanding the advantages of water flossers is crucial for individuals looking to make an informed decision on their dental care routine, with options like the Perfora Water Flosser illustrating the peak of what's available in today's market.

Why Switch? The Compelling Advantages Over Traditional Floss

Switching to a good water flosser from traditional string floss comes with a host of compelling advantages. Firstly, the water flosser for teeth’s benefits include its ability to reach areas that conventional floss can miss, providing a more comprehensive cleaning. Additionally, for those who find string floss challenging to manoeuvre, the electric teeth flosser offers a user-friendly alternative that reduces the risk of gum damage and bleeding. The convenience, effectiveness, and gentleness of water flossers underscore the shift towards more advanced, user-friendly dental care tools. Read our blog about the benefits of flossing for more information on why adding flossing to your oral care routine is worth the extra effort.

Perfora's Smart Dental Flosser in Lavender Colour

Finding a Good Water Flosser: Features to Consider

When in the market for the best water dental flosser, there are several features you should consider to ensure you select a model that meets your specific needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Pressure Settings: A good water flosser should offer a range of pressure settings. This allows you to customise the intensity of the water stream, ensuring a comfortable yet effective cleaning experience, especially for those with sensitive gums or specific dental work.
  • Portability: For those always on the move, considering a water flosser that is easy to transport can be a game-changer. Look for compact, travel-friendly models that don’t compromise on power or effectiveness.
  • Battery Life: If you opt for a cordless model, check the battery life. A long-lasting battery ensures your flossing routine isn’t interrupted, especially when travelling or for those with limited access to power outlets.
  • Tip Varieties: Different types of tips can enhance your flossing experience, catering to various needs such as plaque removal, orthodontic care, and periodontal pockets. A recommended water flosser usually comes with multiple tip options, making it versatile for different users.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: Lastly, the best water dental flosser should be straightforward to use and maintain. Look for flossers with detachable water tanks for easy refilling and cleaning, as well as intuitive controls for hassle-free operation.


The transition to using an electric teeth flosser, particularly a water flosser, represents a significant leap forward in dental care technology. With its array of compelling benefits over traditional floss—ranging from enhanced cleaning capabilities to increased comfort and convenience—it’s clear why making the switch is not just recommended but essential for anyone serious about their oral health.

At Perfora, we champion the use of advanced, SLS-free toothpaste and dental care products that promote health, sustainability, and efficacy. The electric teeth flosser stands out as a prime example of this commitment, offering a superior alternative to traditional methods and aligning with our mission to provide the best possible care for your teeth. Embrace the future of dental hygiene by incorporating a water flosser into your daily routine. The difference in your oral health will not only be noticeable but truly transformative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Flosser

1. Is dental flossing still recommended?

Yes, dental flossing remains a highly recommended practice by dental professionals worldwide. Traditional string flossing is effective in removing plaque and food particles from between teeth and along the gum line, areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush alone. However, for those who find traditional flossing challenging or uncomfortable, an electric teeth flosser offers a viable and effective alternative. It is important to incorporate some form of flossing into your daily oral hygiene routine to maintain optimal dental health.

2. Can a water flosser remove tartar?

A water flosser is excellent for removing plaque and food particles from between the teeth and below the gumline, but it is not designed to remove tartar (also known as dental calculus) once it has formed. Tartar is hardened plaque that has been left on the teeth and can only be removed by a dental professional during a cleaning. However, regular use of a water flosser can help prevent plaque buildup, which in turn can reduce the formation of tartar over time.

3. Do water flossers prevent cavities?

Water flossers can play a significant role in preventing cavities by efficiently removing plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that contributes to cavity formation. By targeting hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and under the gumline, water flossers reduce the likelihood of plaque buildup, which can lead to cavities if not removed. Additionally, some water flossers can be used with mouthwash or fluoride solutions, providing an extra layer of protection against cavities. However, using a water flosser should be part of a comprehensive oral hygiene routine that includes regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and dental check-ups to effectively prevent cavities.

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