Should I Use Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Every Day?

in May 5, 2022

What is a Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

Teeth Whitening toothpaste is a different type of toothpaste, typically composed of special ingredients including hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate that enable the combination to work in a way that it covers the surface of the teeth of the user, removes more stains from it leading to what in simple words is called teeth whitening. 

With regular cleanings, sodium bicarbonate, or in simple words baking soda, is scientifically known to naturally whiten teeth. Whitening kinds of toothpaste and powders are formulated to support dental hygiene by ensuring clean teeth - serving the purpose of both keeping them healthy and looking great!

Teeth whitening toothpaste or powder is one of the most popular oral care products among people nowadays. With more people becoming more aware of their personality, people choose to use this product to get rid of or prevent yellow teeth which keep them safe from teeth problems, gum diseases, bad breath, and as a perk, boosts their confidence. With oral health care becoming a preference and gaining more importance with the messed up modern lifestyle, a product like this one is definitely revolutionary. Now, let us talk about how useful it can be.

Is It Useful?

The short answer is, yes. The long answer will tell you how! As mentioned before, these kinds of toothpaste have special ingredients that ensure good oral health for the user by using abrasive ingredients like silica that scrub on the surface of the teeth and scrape off more residue and plaque than usual making the teeth look whiter. 

While this provides better dental hygiene but also affects the user’s confidence. Dental appearance becomes a part of a person’s personality. With dental problems, especially things like yellow teeth, a person can lose their confidence which can lead to several consequences like affected social skills and mental health issues. Who thought using the right type of toothpaste can change your life right?

Perfora’s Teeth Whitening Powder

Speaking of the right type of toothpaste, Perfora offers a range of amazing fluoride-free toothpaste that not only ensure teeth whitening but also give you better oral health. Perfora’s range of anti-cavity toothpaste has two great variants, including Awake: Lemon Mint Toothpaste, and Unwind: Lavender Rose Toothpaste. Paired with Perfora’s Teeth Whitening Powder, this toothpaste can bring out the best in your teeth and in you!

Perfora’s teeth whitening powder is formulated with baking soda, an ingredient proven to naturally whiten teeth along with diamateacous earth, that acts as an abrasive to remove plaque and tartar. The blend contains powerful natural extracts that improve oral hygiene. This product is a great choice for anyone who wants to master the power of confidence. Here are a few features that make this powder stand out:

  • Powerful Natural Extracts: This is a superior quality toothpowder, made of all things safe, to clean, protect and pamper your teeth.
  • Made Safe: Perfora’s Teeth Whitening Powder is the only powder for teeth in India that are Made Safe Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia.
  • SLS & Paraben Free: This teeth whitening does not contain any carcinogenic substances which make it SLS and paraben-free - also - super safe for you!.
  • Cruelty-Free: Perfora is a certified cruelty-free brand and its products reflect that fully too. No products are tested on animals.
  • Vegan: Perfora’s teeth whitening powder is vegan, non - GMO, and fortified with Sodium Bicarbonate. So, it is not only teeth-friendly, it is friendly for every one of you!

How To Use?

This teeth whitening powder is easy to use and you need to follow just a few simple steps:

  • Wet the toothbrush bristles with some water
  • Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush bristles, as per usual 
  • Slightly dip the toothbrush with the paste on, in Perfora’s teeth whitening powder
  • Brush your teeth gently with the combination for two minutes
  • Rinse and repeat daily for best results

Using this combination equips you with the capacity to fight cavities, prevent gum diseases and ensure perfect oral hygiene. Here are some frequently asked questions, along with simple answers to give you the information you need before you include this oral care product in your teeth cleaning routine.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How often should you use teeth whitening toothpaste?
  • While each toothpaste made for this purpose comes with its own directions of use on the tube/box, using teeth whitening toothpaste is no rocket science. It is just like regular toothpaste, only with special ingredients to help you achieve whiteness and brightness in your teeth. You use simple following the same steps you do with your regular toothpaste. Alternatively, you can also try using regular toothpaste in combination with teeth whitening powder!

  • Does whitening toothpaste damage your teeth?
  • No. Considering that users may choose to use these products frequently or regularly if not daily, most of the whitening kinds of toothpaste are designed and formulated with the caution that it should not damage one’s teeth so that it is not counterproductive at the end of the day. However, you should read the box or tube of the toothpaste for directions of use to ensure you are using the paste mindfully and safely.

  • How frequently should you use such toothpaste?
  • While it is generally safe to use whitening toothpaste, not everyone uses it every day. Some people choose to switch it up with regular toothpaste a few times a week. As per scientific findings and popular opinions, users state to see effective results even with using such paste a few days a week for 3-4 months.

  • How to choose the right teeth whitening toothpaste?
  • While choosing a whitening toothpaste, you can look out for simple features like the ingredients should not have an aggressive abrasive element that is gentle on your teeth in a way that while they clean the surface of your teeth, they don’t harm the enamel. Another thing you may want to consider is to avoid toothpaste with bleaching agents in the ingredients.

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