Dream White - Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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  • Contains active ingredients like Imercare Perl White 19 and Bromelain enzymes
  • These clinically proven ingredients help to remove surface teeth stains and whiten teeth
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Suphate) Free, Titanium Dioxide Free, and Sodium Saccharin Free
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  • 100% genuine product
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Made Safe Certified

Perfora products are the first and only oral care products in India that are Made Safe Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

SLS Free

Our toothpaste is made of all natural ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals like titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulphate and so on.

N-HAp Enriched

Enhances enamel remineralization, strengthening teeth and reducing sensitivity.

The Perfora Difference

Customer Reviews

Based on 1021 reviews
kunal mehra
Perfora is best toothpaste till now

One of the best toothpaste i have used till now, after watch your product on shark tank i got to know about perfora, mouthwash is also amazing, from now i am using this regularly, Thank you

Satyam Mishra
Out of the box

"Perfara Dream White toothpaste is fantastic! Its advanced formula effectively whitens teeth while still being gentle on gums. Users rave about its refreshing mint flavor and noticeable results within weeks of regular use. Plus, its enamel-strengthening properties make it a win-win for oral health."

Sarang Gupta
Mood buster for morning routine !!

I like the taste and freshness after using it in my morning routine.

Nikunj Gupta
Best SLS toothpaste

This is the best SLS free toothpaste in the market each and every other brand toothpaste has SLS in it which is very harmful for us. Best product I have ever used.

Use it and feel the difference

Really effective.

Joydeep Singh
Great product

I used it last one year ,really helpful and remove all the dental problem.

Authentic product with effective letter

I recommend this Product to everyone , and i would say a must try oral care products with no harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream White Toothpaste
Learn about toothpaste benefits, use, etc.
Is Dream white toothpaste good for daily use?

Yes, Perfora Dream White toothpaste can be used daily. It is the perfect combination of scientifically proven and natural ingredients that are 100% safe. The formulation contains active ingredients like Imercare Perl White 19 and Bromelain enzymes that are clinically proven to remove surface teeth stains and whiten teeth, while not causing any harm to the teeth.

Why should I use Dream White Toothpaste?

If surface stains are contributing to your teeth's discoloration, you should use our Dream White Toothpaste. When it comes to colour, everyone's teeth are different. While bright and white might be what most people want for their teeth, the reality is that many people have yellowish, grey, or brown teeth. Discoloured teeth are often attributable to poor oral health or to bad habits such as smoking. Dream White acts on teeth stains from such habits.

What is different about your teeth whitening toothpaste?

As compared to other teeth whitening toothpastes, Dream White does not contain any bleaching agents that are harmful for the teeth. The Dream White toothpaste is the safest whitening toothpaste available in the market today.

Dream white Toothpaste Features
Learn about what is special about our Dream White Toothpaste, when to use, etc.
Is it SLS-free?

Yes, all our toothpastes are 100%  SLS, Peroxide and Titanium Dioxide Free. Also, they come with zero artificial colours.

In how many days I can see the results?

You can generally see visible results within 7 days. However, this may differ from person to person based on their current dental conditions.

Is this toothpaste free of Fluoride?

Yes, This formulation uses a more effective substitute of Fluoride known as Nano Hydroxyapatite for teeth remineralization and hence this toothpaste is Fluoride Free

What is the flavor of the toothpaste?

This toothpaste has refreshing taste notes of peppermint and spearmint that give an instant fresh breath after brushing. 

How to Use
Learn about how to use, how many times, etc.
How to use Dream white toothpaste?

Take the Dream White Toothpaste on your wet toothbrush and you are ready to go. Brush twice every day, once in the morning, before breakfast, and once at night, after dinner. 

Who should use this Dream White Toothpaste?

If you are someone who is worried for yellowish teeth and want a solution to get pearl white teeth , this Perfora’s Dream white toothpasteis for you. This toothpastenot not only help you to get whiter teeth but also made with safe  non toxic ingredients.

How much toothpaste should I apply at once?

For best results, use a pea sized amount of toothpaste. You do not cover the entire bristles with the toothpaste. Brush gently twice at least a day for 2 Minutes.

Can children use this?

The  dream white toothpaste is suitable for children of all age groups.

Learn about the ingredients, its benefit, etc
How does Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) help?

Nano Hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) which is essentially what are teeth enamel is made up of is a reminieralising agent. Hydroxyapatite remineralizes teeth by replacing lost minerals such as calcium and phosphates caused by high levels of acid or bacteria. Remineralization takes place when filling the microscopic cracks in our teeth created by tooth decay, and used in our saliva to do just that for our teeth. This is said to help repair teeth damaged by cavities while preventing cavities by breaking down first before it reaches tooth enamel.

What are the ingredients used in it?

Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Aqua, Glycerine (Vegetarian), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Bicarbonate, ImerCare® PerlWhite 19, Nano Hydroxyapatite, Sodium Benzoate, Bromelain (Enzyme), Xanthum Gum, Xylitol, Erythritol, Stevia, CocamidoPropyl Betain, Menthol (Crystals), Peppermint (Essential Oil), Spearmint (Essential Oil), Vitamin C (Orange Peel Extract), Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E.

Is Hydroxyapatite Safe?

Being a naturally occurring organic material within our bodies means it is biocompatible and safer than most other dental products or treatments on the market. This means it does not induce toxicity such as the issue of overexposure and ingestion of fluoride known as fluorosis nor inflammation when it is used to spur bone growth & tooth repair.