Dr. Nivedita Ahluwalia

Dr Nivedita Ahluwalia is a seasoned Dentist with proficiency in advanced dental procedures. She has over a decade's experience in treating patients of all age groups, managing complex procedures, pioneering preventive dentistry and actively working towards tobacco de-addiction. During the period her work is appreciated by the Indian Coast Guard (WWA), testimonials of patients and appreciation by dental associations for preventive dentistry. She believes that early intervention and prevention can help increase overall dental hygiene for the community.

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Customer Testimonials on the Online Consultation

I did my first session with Dr. Nivedita and the way she explained me about the importance of oral health was phenomenal. She was professional, understanding and so so patient.


Dr. Nivedita has a very essential role to play in my oral health. She heard me very patiently and her advice has really helped me. She is a real problem solver.


Dr. Nivedita is very genuine. She not only recommends what is just absolutely necessary but also helps guide you through the entire process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling a Session
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Scheduling a Session
How can I book a session with the dentist?

To book a session, just click on "Reserve Now" and you will re-directed to Dr. Nivedita's calendar. Choose a time slot according to your convenience and you are done!

Are there any pre-requisites to the consultation?

We do have a short form that Dr.Nivedita would like you to fill before the consultation so that she can guide you better and provide a consultation that really helps. You can fill the form here.