After a while....

After a while....

Hey there,

Summer is getting really, really hot!

And I want that cold splash of water on my face, body, and even on my teeth (subtle hint). Read till the end to know about the special surprise.

This email is being sent to only a select few of our customers with whom we want to share a new update before the world knows. So if you are reading this email, you are really special to us.

A few updates:

The last week was a mixed bag of emotions. After years of struggle (I’m kidding), I turned 30. Phew, let that sink in.

I do believe in the famous quote that says “Age is just a number”, but I also feel this number becomes a lot more meaningful as one grows older. I have stepped into another decade of my life and I’m beyond excited to learn and accomplish so many new things. I hope this decade of my life is transformational and if it will be transformational, Perfora and you will play a very important role.

A lot of good and interesting things are happening with our brand.

The first of many things is that the content from our very first offline event went viral. Yes, this content has become the talk of the town. This video has ~21 million views, ~1.8 million likes, and this video has been forwarded by ~1.6 million people. These numbers are unbelievable but they are 100% true. 

If you haven’t seen this video, please watch - and you will love the content.

Last week, I was in Bangalore as Perfora got recognized and awarded as “The D2C Brand of the Year - Hygiene” at D2C India Awards, organized by Indian Retailer. It was a short and quick trip (very hectic as well) but it was quite refreshing. Love the energy of entrepreneurs and inspiring professionals!

Two good-looking boys posing for the paparazzi!
Tushar (Left) and I (Right)

I met a bunch of different people who come from diverse backgrounds and have very different perspectives on life. Someone very young, in their 20s, had a very tough life during the early part of their journey and now is extremely happy and is doing very well for himself.

On the other hand, someone a little older has a great background and comes with a lot of privilege, and has had a very good life but is now struggling on the personal and professional front. That’s life.

I don’t know the exact takeaways from these conversations however I feel that it is important to not focus or index heavily on the background or past experiences. Circumstances keep evolving and hence it is important to continuously keep working on things that one feels will make a lot of difference. Most of the times, our circumstances are a result of our actions. 

As a brand, we have always listened to our customers - their feedback on our products, pain points, desired solution, etc. and this is one thing that keeps us going. 

We want to truly build something that is customer first where our products solve a real pain point and our customers are excited to use and are satisfied with our products. 

The feedback on our Smart Water Flosser has been very positive after we updated the design, and fixed the technical issues. In fact, it has become one of the highest selling products for us. 

Flossing helps in removing plaque, preventing bleeding gums, and clearing out the tiniest of food particles stuck in between teeth resulting in reduced cavities. In fact, about 87% of Indian consumers don’t floss or floss very infrequently. An estimated ~75% of Indians suffer from one or other form of gum disease which has been linked to serious health concerns. 

You should watch this video and hear a well-renowned nutritionist talk about the importance of flossing!

During recent feedback calls with our customers, some of our customers highlighted that they want to buy our Smart Water Flosser but it isn’t available in the color of their choice or the colors that they expect to see our products in. And this was the cue for us. 

Our customers are very serious about improving their oral hygiene and they want to do it in style. They want to make sure their product choices resonate with their lifestyle. 

Introducing the newest addition to our Smart Water Flosser Collection, two new and very refreshing colors - Sapphire Blue and Mystic Lavender. These colors look great and are the perfect addition to your oral care routine. 

I can’t take my eyes off them, so so beautiful!!!!!

Can’t decide which color looks better? Neither can I. Maybe you should buy both - one for yourself and one for your partner/best friend/sibling. Available in very limited quantities!!!

Our Smart Water Flosser comes very well packaged in a giftable box and makes up for a delightful gift. It has 5 different nozzles, 1 travel pouch, 1 USB c-type charging cable, user manual, and a 1-year warranty.

If you haven’t gifted anything to your mother this Mother’s Day because you were too busy or couldn’t find something interesting, gift your mom a Smart Water Flosser and save her from all the root canal treatment. 

There is also Father’s Day around the corner so if you want to gift your old man a gift that he will cherish and show that you care, don’t think twice and gift this Smart Water Flosser.

The best part is you can personalize the water flosser with the name or quote of your choice and we will do the needful :)

I hope you have a great week ahead and I really, really hope that you start flossing (if you don’t already). Cold water mixed with a little bit of our Probiotic Rinse is a mini spa for your teeth in this summer heat.

Tushar and I have already bought the Limited Edition Water Flosser in our favorite colors!  See our happy faces below.

P.S. Here’s an exclusive code for you to purchase these - ONLYFORYOU for a 20% OFF on the new exclusive launches.

Lots of love,


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