Flat 70% OFF🤑Is It?🤔

in May 15, 2023

Hey there,

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 😊

First, a little introduction, you should at least know and remember the name of the person who’s content you’re reading. Reading a stranger’s mail which dropped in your mailbox is horrific.

So folks, my name is Divnoor and I work at Perfora (obviously) as a D2C Growth Associate. Uff, too many words at once, WAIT let me break it down for you. So, I am the person who spams you with emails, WhatsApp messages and SMS messages. I know you won’t  hate me for this, because in the end, it makes you smile better. Right? So, shower a tad bit of love, well I do many more things as well but I don’t want to make this mail monotonous for you. Therefore, I’ll directly jump onto what I want to discuss this Sunday.

Before starting, let me ask you a few things, have you received communications from brands like: “we miss you, you left something in your cart”; “Get exclusive 15% off”; “Leaving so soon”, yada, yada. If yes then let me help you decode them. 

As a digital marketer, I love to observe how different brands communicate with their customers and prospects, like someone sending me a message and reminding me to take my gummies, asking me to stock up on essentials, etc etc. It's fascinating to see how they use various tools and techniques to convey their messages and persuade their audience.

Let’s start off with understanding why brands communicate? Because of -  Impulse purchasing which is a common phenomenon, where customers make unplanned purchases based on emotions and desires. Brands often use various tactics to influence impulse purchasing, such as limited-time offers, discounts, and persuasive messaging, and you my friend fall prey to them.

While these tactics can be effective, they can also be manipulative and can lead to customers making purchases that they later regret. But, at Perfora, we believe in a different approach - one that focuses on empowering customers to make informed decisions and choose products that are truly beneficial to them. And that is one of the reasons why we put up less discounts as compared to other brands-as a lot of you have been asking us about why we don't offer much discounts, because we want YOU to make an informed decision. 

We are always there to help you understand the benefits, quality, draw a comparison with other brands but at the end of the day it is you who’s gonna shed out your money from either your pockets or bank accounts and trust me you don’t want to do that for an unworthy brand who just markets well and has zero product quality😇

Discounts are tempting but not real. Do not be overly concerned with them. Do your research - if you can spend 60 minutes researching what to watch or what to wear for 1 day - then why are you not researching what you need to put in your mouth everyday. Be concerned with the products that are doing harm to you. Let me exemplify with your toothpaste itself with which you enjoy brushing but are you even aware of the ingredients? They are similar to the ingredients used in Tide and Rin and you relish the taste and the foam that comes from it but all of a sudden you start considering it harmful and harsh on your hands while washing clothes (hilarious, isn’t it?😜).

Now as a consumer you are rigid enough to not follow whatever I’ve said till now, fair enough. Let me try for one last time to help you at least choose the best discounts that are offered to you😥

Starting off with all the discounts you’ve ever heard of:

💸Reducing the price of a product by a percentage or cash amount

💸Offering a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deal

💸Giving a free gift with purchase

💸Offering a first-time customer discount

💸Providing tiered discounts like 15% off on purchase of Rs 2999

💸Personalising discounts on the basis of loyalty or the frequency of your purchases

When choosing which discounts to take advantage of as a customer, it’s important to consider your own needs and preferences. For example, if you’re making a large purchase, a tiered discount like Get Rs 500 off on purchase of Rs 2499 (which is at the moment live on our website-just a general info🫣) based on spending thresholds may be the most beneficial for you. On the other hand, if you’re trying out a new brand for the first time, a first-time customer discount may be more appealing. Try avoiding the bulk discounts like Buy 2 Get 2 because it is an impulse purchase and you will never require those 4 products together.

These were a few secrets🤐 from my side and I think I've spilt the beans🙈 But until and unless you don’t want to just burn your money and create a huge hole in your pocket, I would suggest you stop getting fooled by the time to time persuading communications. 

You receive 8 notifications in a day from delivery platforms at all the eating times. I bet none of you remembers what the communication was. They just target your eating impulse at the right time which impulsively leads you on clicking the notification and once you’re on their app, you’ve solved 60% of their problem. They’ll tempt you with the pretty looking food, impeccable discounts, restaurants around you, less delivery time and blah blah blah😋

So, opening these kinds of notifications or communications from any brand helps the brand to become wealthy. Now you’ll ask me, "Should we stop purchasing or going after good deals?"

Not at all go looking for better deals, check the quality of the products the brand offers, do you actually need the product? All I’m saying is Read, Digest, Analyse and then Spend- Are we on the same page? 🤝

Alright, I believe I’ve given enough Gyan for a Sunday evening. Hope I was successful enough to give you a reality check this Sunday evening. Now, just sit back and go watch something on OTT so that you can come out of this trauma😝

In conclusion, just one last thing - while impulse purchasing can be tempting, it's important to make informed decisions that prioritise our health and well-being.

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Signing off with Loads of Love ❤

Divnoor Kaur