Making things better, one step at a time!

in May 2, 2023

Hey there!

Despite being my first introduction here, I am sure that you guys know me partially via my work. My name is Jyotsna Bhraradwaj and I take care of brand communication here at Perfora. Most of the collaterals and communication that you see out there with the Perfora logo on them always has a small amount of my involvement in their making. But this one will not be about who I am and what I do here. I will dig deeper into that sometime later because I am navigating my way into what I do here and what more needs to be done, and also because I want to put out something that I feel is more important.

But before addressing the elephant in the room, I want to share some behind-the-scenes from Perfora

(I mean, why not? This platform calls for some fun and real-time BTS from a brand in the building. Right?)

It’s been more than 7 months since I joined Perfora, and be it product development, operations, or be it communication, I have noticed that a lot of things here in every department of work are driven by consumer insight.

So basically whatever happens here at Perfora is our research, hard work based on your feedback and love.

Only a few days after I joined Perfora I overheard Jatan on a call with someone talking about personalising flossers. 

P.S. We were not personalising flossers and this incident is of the time when we, a team of eleven were working from a hall room from Jatan & Tushar’s house. I sometimes express a little extra pride in being a part of Perfora during those days even though it was for only thirty-odd days. (It helps in managing a solid and a little intimidating reputation with the newcomers in the team. 😛)

Coming back to the point, I was curious to know why are we even getting into personalising flossers, and teeth whitening pens when I knew that this is an operationally taxing process. 

Mridu, our team member who oversees customer experience told me that “Our first major breakthrough in the journey of building Perfora was through the personalisation of smart electric toothbrushes.” And that, personalisation of the toothbrush adds the needed zing to the otherwise boring brushing routine. So starting personalisation on more products was an action towards delivering on the insights shared by our customers.

Speaking of delivering on the insights, our social media community choose the colour of our new toothbrush and other product colour variants. And we don't shy away from redeveloping and relaunching our products on the basis of the feedback received from our customers.(think : our dental flosser)

Basically, we are always ready to do everything that can make you shift from regular, boring and toxins-loaded oral care to something that is fun, 100% safe, efficient and affordable.

If you ever visit our office you will find that conversations about the feedback of the consumer on the products aren’t specific to the customer experience team or the product team but are always a point of discussion across verticals. 

It may sound so, but not trying to brag about our customer-first approach, that we source our Monday motivation from the positive reviews our customers share with us.

While all of this may sound very superficial or too good to be true, but to be honest this is the core of building Perfora and there’s a harsh side to it too. Sometimes things don't always go as planned and the same community that is our biggest cheerleader also distresses us. Something similar happened with us post Shark Tank.

We were grateful for the unexpected love we received and were grieving at the same time for the inconvenience we caused for a few of you. 

Our CX support and the reviews by consumers were a matter of pride before Shark Tank because we were functioning on 100% consumer satisfaction then. And with the increase in the number of consumers who chose us with open arms, though the number of  good reviews and positive insights have increased, our overall consumer satisfaction has taken a toll. 

We received a lot of messages complaining about the late deliveries, and about the fact that we had to stop personalisation for ten days. We were out of stock of our major SKU Smart Electric Toothbrush for around twenty days in this month leading to delays and mistakes and this caused us a big loss of a few of our consumers’ faith. If only we could  be given another chance with the learnings we have now, we would do anything to save ourselves from the aforementioned loss. While we can apologise innumerable times, we know words will not compensate for the experience we’ve given some of you.

But things like that happened with us for the first time and we are navigating our way through lessons learned the hard way.

Building on the lessons we learned lately, we are ready to take our conversation with our consumers to another level and deliver a holistic oral care experience through our products. 

We are a bigger community now than what we used to be two months ago. And we wanted to connect with a few of you personally. And working in the same direction Rashika, our social media lead, organised a beautiful storytelling event and we heard stories about smiles, and what makes them even more memorable. Here’s a small aftermovie that we recently posted about it. 

I hope you continue to support us, give us another chance if we have disappointed you and be the backbone and the pillars Perfora is built on. Without you, we are nothing. And once again, my sincere apologies to everyone who is dejected with us.  

P.S. You may receive a call sometime soon from me and other team members for understanding how you guys are liking our products, and what else we can do to elevate your brushing experience. Also, how can we make up for the bad experience we caused you?

And now if you have been thinking about why, I, being into brand communication, am talking about customer experience, the answer will be that we, at Perfora, feel brands are built with reliance on consumers’ insights and constant efforts to incorporate them into development.

On this note, actioning upon your insights, we launched a new variant of our Electric Toothbrush in a cool new Zesty Lemon Color. This one is a super exciting add-on for your oral care and the needed pop of color for your bathrooms with higher vibrations that can be seen in the moving bristles and a travel case to ensure your brushing experience is not contained to your houses.

Since, my newsletter has been about your infinite love i.e. Consumer Love- so on that note I would like to offer you a discount of 30% on our Zestful Zesty Lemon Electric Toothbrush. Use Code: LOVE30.

Until next time,