An Uncanny Year End Realisation

in Dec 20, 2021


I am Raghav, the Operations ninja at Perfora.

I hope you are doing well and are eagerly waiting for the New Year celebrations. We have officially entered the best time of the year where we unwind, relax and make those dinner/party plans with our friends and family.   

It is also around this time of the year that most of us reflect back on the year that was. Today I want to share with you one such change that I went through this year. This is the change in my perception towards Oral care after joining Perfora.



Frankly speaking, I did not think much about oral care before joining Perfora. It was a routine morning task limited to brushing. Apart from the known oral-care products, I was not even aware of products like water flosser, oil pulling (here is a hint), and so on.

A sneak peek into my oral care routine back then in those days:-

  1. Brushing for 5 minutes. I was a multi-tasker (I mean I still am but the degree in those days was much higher). In these 5 minutes, I used to complete tasks such as taking a mandatory short nap after waking up and going through the favorite page of the newspaper.
  1. Switching toothpaste was a regular habit. I still do not know what treasure hunt I was on. Probably, it was just a way of putting the blame of not brushing properly on the quality of toothpaste.
  1. I hardly used a tongue cleaner and on days when I did, my taste buds seemed to be much more active. Just to verify it and also to satiate my cravings, I used to eat extra sweets.

I am sure, by now you would have realized how careless I used to be with my oral care.


Obviously, my perception completely changed after I saw the planned product portfolio and the research that the team here had in place. 

When we launched the toothbrush, I was quite excited to use the product, not because I was aware of its importance, but I just had an impulsive urge to try a new and a different product. Since it was electric and I was not very sure of the way to handle it, I had to be very attentive while using it. Due to this, I was not able to complete my ritual of taking a short nap while brushing. This was a bummer :( 

But since I had bought the product with my name beautifully engraved on it, I really wanted to use it. So, I started using it for brushing at night (which I had never done before). The change had begun to happen. Within 3 weeks, the electric toothbrush became a part of the daily routine for both the morning and the night brushing as its experience far superseded that of a normal toothbrush.

Next up was the mouthwash. Though the glass bottle and the flavors enticed me, I had never been a mouthwash user. However, the electric toothbrush experience had pretty much convinced me and I was just looking for a reason to become a mouthwash user. I got that very reason from one of our own Instagram posts, where we promoted the mouthwash using the caption "The unsaid secret for a good relationship". This time it struck my boyish vulnerability and I was converted.

By now, I have really understood the importance of oral care and am eagerly looking forward to some amazing new products that we shall be introducing soon.

Though Perfora has taught me that brushing for only 2 minutes would be sufficient and has shattered my dream of featuring in the "Guinness Book" someday for the longest brushing session, I truly believe it has helped me in improving my oral care. I hope you all feel the same.

Stay tuned for the new products, enjoy lots of mulled wine, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hot coffee, and do not forget to take care of those pearlies :)