The Water Cannon

in Dec 19, 2021


Hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2021 and taking some time off to reflect upon this year. It’s been an eventful year for many and we all deserve a little relaxation at the end of it.  

The last week was quite a busy one filled with a lot of chaos and problem-solving. By now, it’s fair to say in a week where we introduce something new, we face some unique challenges. That brings me to today’s topic -  SMART FLOSSER. 

Look at this beauty 😍



Yes, this is the newest addition to our growing product portfolio and I’m super, super excited to introduce this extremely well designed, powerful, and durable water flosser. Believe me, with our Smart Flosser, your oral regime will be significantly upgraded and it’s a must have. 

As a founder of a digital-first oral care brand, I would like to admit that, a few months ago, I wasn’t really aware what a water flosser is, how it works, what value it adds, etc, etc. It’s been a learning process and now I can’t do without flossing. The day feels incomplete. 

However, Tushar, had been a thread floss user and he wasn’t really happy with the experience. During our research phase (pre-launch), in one of the conversations, he said he really wanted to make the flossing experience easier. With thread floss, he faced the following issues - 

  1. Tedious and complicated - one has to insert the thread between each and every teeth to clean and it is quite hard to figure out the right technique.
  2. Injury-prone -  with thread floss, there is a high risk of one damaging their own gums.
  3. Not Effective - extremely difficult to reach the bottom gum line to clean. 
  4. Not Reusable - one can’t really use the same thread floss again and again.



And we found a problem that we have to solve to deliver an elevated experience. We researched the market and found out there is something called a water flosser that does exist and is a great substitute for traditional flossing. As a next step, we tried out almost all the water flossers that exist in the market and realized there is a massive scope of improvement in terms of functionality and design. 

By now, I would assume that you believe that we are extremely passionate about good design and powerful functionality. And I will be honest that it was a cumbersome task to perfect this product. Over the last 9 months, we spoke with close to 44 manufacturers, 6 industrial designers, 76+ calls in the quest to create a product that we hope will deliver an effective and convenient flossing experience. 

It’s about time you check out “THE SMARTEST FLOSSER EVER”. You won’t be disappointed at all and in case you don’t like our flosser, we will issue a 100% refund, and that’s a promise. 

Look at that smile, will you?



As a reader, are you wondering why should you even care about flossing? Well, there are legit reasons for it and any dentist you might speak with will highly recommend you to floss at least once a day, especially before sleeping at night.

The simple answer for “why flossing” is important - any food particle that is stuck between teeth causes gum inflammation, tooth decay and is the primary reason for dental cavities and flossing is the only way to clean properly in between teeth. The toothbrush just can’t get between the teeth. In addition, a flosser is a must for people who have braces, have undergone root canal treatment, or have a crown/implant. So if your dentist tells you on your next visit to start using a water flosser, remember you heard it here first :) 

On a side note, the more you floss, the better will be your oral hygiene and the more you will save on your dental treatment. So, it is absolutely worth the investment. 

We have opened up Pre-Orders for the Smart Water Flosser and considering we are good people and want you to really try out the best flosser, we are offering a 15% DISCOUNT (no code required) + FREE PERSONALISATION

To know more about what makes our Smart Flosser special, read here. I don’t want to list it down as I feel, if this product intrigues you, you are going to read all about it.

I hope you all will start flossing super soon and will start your flossing journey or upgrade it with our Smart Flosser.


If there is any feedback or questions around flossing, please feel free to reach out. We are always there for our community.