How to build a Brand

in Dec 19, 2021


Sometimes one doesn’t realize how fast time goes by. I believe this happens even more when you are building something with all your passion!

Today, I want to start a conversation with all of you about something that is a hot topic at Perfora HQ - How do we build a very strong brand? What goes behind building one? 

And like always, I want to be candid with you all. We don’t know the correct answer to it. We are in the process of figuring it out and we thought we could use some help from our community of 3000+ people. 

We are in the process of experimenting with a new initiative and would love to have your participation - 

On our Instagram, we would love to feature our customers using/holding our products. Primarily, because we want to tell the world, this is what real influencers for a brand look like, the ones who buy from them. Hence, it will be very kind of you if you could do the following - 

  1. Click a picture of yours with our product and share it over WhatsApp (+91-9711078700) or reply to this email. 
  2. Please share your experience in one or two lines about the product. 
  3. If you have an Instagram handle, please share it with us so that we can tag you :)

In return for helping us out, you will get a surprise gift from our end, delivered to your doorstep. It’s a promise and I hope you will love the gift. 

Before you could start sharing your thoughts/ideas on brand building, I’d like to set a little bit of context on what is the kind of brand that we want to build. Our idea is to build an honest, thoughtful, and customer-first brand

Now, you would be wondering do we even live by the three words mentioned above? Yes, we try to embody these values in everything. 

Honest: The first thing that comes to mind is which brand today says that they are dishonest? Well, it seems like every other brand portrays that it is honest. However, for us, the word “honest” isn’t an adjective and it doesn’t stop at being honest with our products. It goes way beyond. At Perfora, we are really honest about all things that are shaping up. For instance, we recently put up this post on Instagram introducing our new initiative “Build in Public”. A lot of people reached out reassuring our belief that people still resonate with transparency. 

Thoughtful: “If you are building a business/brand in India, your products have to be price-sensitive” - said a renowned FMCG expert. Well, to an extent we disagree. We strongly believe in providing value for money and ensuring that our products are designed in a way that they deliver value i.e. functionality to the consumer. A lot of thought goes behind putting out every product i.e. right from ingredients to packaging to design to the overall user experience. For us, what matters the most is the experience a consumer should have with the product. For instance, we actually wanted to launch our brand with Toothpaste (hint: coming soon) but we couldn’t as we felt we haven’t created a product that is superior and will be able to deliver an experience that is missing from our lives. If something takes time, it takes time. 

Customer First: The base-level understanding we have is that we won’t be able to build a strong brand if we aren’t customer-focused and obsessed with delivering an exceptional experience. If a consumer chooses our brand, we know they are placing a lot of trust and faith in us and we want to ensure they are starting the journey with a brand that will go out of their way to ensure their satisfaction. For instance, one of our customers ordered a personalized toothbrush and once the product was delivered, she was disappointed with the fact that her name is printed on the backside and not on the front of the toothbrush. Well, on the front side our brand name is mentioned and we were not sure if we could cater to this request. After quite a bit of deliberation, we decided if the customer wants it in the front, as an exception, let’s replace the product and send her a new one with the name on the front. 

Coming back, we would love to hear your suggestions on what you think we can do better or introduce in order to build a strong brand. All your ideas and suggestions are most welcome and please know, no idea/suggestion is good or bad. 

That’s it. We are waiting for your photos, messages, and suggestions and are hoping that you will take out 3 minutes from your schedule and help us out. 

Building a brand is a long-term process and takes a lot of work, patience, and initiative. We want to make sure that we are doing the right things :)