New Girl in Town 💁‍♀️

in Jul 28, 2022


How’s your Sunday going so far? I hope you are prepped to crush the coming week.  

I am Sejal, the latest addition to Perfora’s social media and content team. Some of you may recognise me from a few promotional ads for Perfora. Yes, I am the same girl who gets really excited about name personalisation and gets instantly refreshed after one squish of the probiotic rinse.

If I am being candid, I’m someone who gets excited about small things in life like having a perfectly warm blanket at night or say waking up without back pain. But what excites me the most is change. It doesn't have to be a massive change, just enough to make some difference in the present situation. So, when I came across this opportunity to create content with Perfora, I solely viewed it as a fun tweak in my corporate rut.

I come from the world of finance, I was working for an oil and gas corporation before, spending my days crunching numbers, making financial models, and reading long legal documents. I liked my challenging job but always had this irk, telling me to find something more dynamic, something that is made for me. It took some time but I am glad I could finally make the 180-degree turn that I longed for.

I'd like to take you through my journey marked by two main elements that were a great catalyst for me in taking this step. One is the inspiration and the other is realisation. 


What came into my life merely by chance, very effortlessly became an integral part of my self-care routine. It all started when I started asking myself a few questions - why am I am extremely conscious about the type of products I buy for my hair, skin, and eyes but don't even stop to wonder about what goes inside my mouth every day! My Mom buys all the oral care products for the family and we never really complain. Is it because everything I have been using is more or less exactly the same? That's when curiosity struck and I started following Perfora more closely, paying attention to product details, ingredients, oral health, and even the taste. I slowly and steadily made my way into understanding Perfora better. In other words, the brand infused an inspiration to become better by pushing me to think of every aspect of health that I might have neglected before.  Perfora became my bridge from oral health to overall health. Mind you, this bridge is quite fun as well. Be it the “truth” brush, the fancy water cannon, or the tasty mouthwashes. Every product speaks for itself.


From the time I made my first creation for the brand, I remember diving into my own Instagram handle and started working on some content pieces for myself. Not only did I receive a great response, but I have also felt a sense of satisfaction from each day. Something which made me want to do more and be more.  I always knew that I had a creative streak but I never really considered taking it forward as a career path until now.  Everything started aligning perfectly on its own. If I look at the larger picture today, how accepting an opportunity only for the sake of excitement can turn into a life-defining moment is like the world telling you "we know what's best for you". A combination of true desire and hard work can be a sure-shot formula to getting what you deeply want.   

So yeah, here I am! a content creator turned loyal customer turned full-time employee with Perfora

As a thank you gift for sparing your precious time for me, I'd like to recommend you guys a great product, my personal favorite - The Probiotic rinse (Lemon mint).

Honestly, I have always hated the idea of mouthwash because of its extremely minty flavour which was enough to ruin your breakfast's first bite. (isn't the first bite the best bite?). But now with the Probiotic rinse, it is like waking up to a party every day with a squish of mojito waiting for me in my washroom.

Do try it and let us know if it incites the same feeling for you as it did for me.