It's Time to Hear from You!

in Jul 28, 2022

Hey Drishti,

Trust you are doing well. 

Over the last 6 months, we have witnessed an enormous amount of growth at Perfora. From sending out our very first newsletter to about 500 people to now having a subscriber base of about 6000 people, it feels so good. And so many of you have continued to write to us with your encouraging & constructive feedback. It really means a lot. 

Well, as a young brand, we are always seeking feedback and questioning our existing practices & products so that we can continue to improve. 

Today, after 20 weeks of writing a letter every Sunday, we wanted to check if you like the content we write in these letters and would want us to continue writing every week. If you enjoy reading our Sunday letters, we will appreciate if you can spare 15 seconds and reply to this email with an emoticon (emoji) and that will give us the motivation to write every single week. 

The reality is that it takes quite some effort to think about what should we be communicating via these letters to our engaged audience and then to pen down the letter. Believe me, none of us in our team have a passion for writing however we took this up as a challenge to upskill ourselves. 

Additionally, if you have any feedback or suggestion on what type of content you would like to read via these letters, please let us know. 

We are building for consumers like you and hence it is extremely important that we take your feedback and suggestions. 

Lastly, two of our best-selling products are finally BACK IN STOCK 

Thyme Mint Mouthwash: A refreshing mouthwash with a floral, minty & spicy taste profile without any bitterness or burning sensation. If you haven’t tried out it, this is a must for a fresh breath! 

Copper Tongue Cleaner: A uniquely designed tongue cleaner made up of 100% pure food-grade copper that will last you a lifetime.