The Better Half

in Jul 28, 2022



It’s been a while. We took a break and we were so so happy and full to see the number of emails we got from you all to keep this going. 

The end of February has been crazy with a war going on in Ukraine. It’s been over a week since it started and it’s so hard to believe. Hoping better sense prevails and my thoughts and prayers with all affected. 

We have officially entered spring and Women’s Day is right around the corner. You will get to see a lot of banners, sales offers, etc. around it across the spectrum which is all great and we need to celebrate our women so much more. 

Women are such a force of nature. We all across our lifetime get to benefit so much from having them around and in today’s mad digital age the strong emotional quotient women bring to the table is what I feel is keeping the balance intact.

Like a lot of you, I have been blessed to be at the receiving end of so much care from women. And this is not just as a man, even so many women out there benefit from the sheer virtue of how caring a woman can be to anyone. It’s a random call checking up on you, a surprise gift from a friend landing up on your birthday and they are absolutely the best listeners hands down. It’s the small things they get so so right. 

It is so inspiring to see women lead with so much compassion and inclusiveness yet not compromise on the quality of efficiency. We have all seen what some of the women national leaders (New Zealand, Finland) were able to pull off during the onset of the pandemic. Back home the burgeoning startup ecosystem has seen such remarkable women leaders identify and solve some amazing problems. Closer here at our office, both Drishti and Sejal can think customer first with so much clarity in all decisions/tasks they undertake and we are so glad they always push us in that direction. 

The point I am trying to make is that across centuries women have been such amazing supporters and enablers to make this world a better place. Today in the 21st century it is heartening to see the start of them getting the recognition and respect they have deserved for so so long. 

Of course, celebrating them on Women's Day is not even 1% of what we can do but I am glad it is something towards the right path. 

On a personal level, I am so so excited to see a world where women hold at least 50% of the leadership across polity, business, and arts. I hope it comes really soon. That truly will put us as a society on our best ever footing.