One of You - With All Honesty

in Jan 26, 2022


Hope everyone had a great week and are doing well!  

For a change, the tables have turned! This week's Sunday letter for the first time is being written by a Perfora customer, which I believe is truly a masterstroke from a brand I love. I can't think of a brand who has done this before, but, by now I'm sure, those who've been with Perfora from the start, know that Perfora is known to do exceptional things and stand out!

Well, it's time for a little bit of - know your writer for the week! 

I'm Raj, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Mumbai & (I have received a fair share of Simran puns, Hint - DDLJ). I'm currently building a construction company. Getting to this point has not been easy. As clichéd as it sounds, it has been tough, and I had to experience a journey of my own.

I had set out in a totally different direction in terms of my career. I've always been a science nerd and wanted to become a doctor. Sadly, even after scoring fairly good marks, I couldn't get into any of the colleges I had in mind because the admission system was not so kind. Not to give excuses but scores lesser than me got in and I didn't. It was a bummer for sure! Biotechnology/microbiology came to my rescue. It was something that resonated with me and it was always the Plan B. This was followed by drug designing along with masters which didn't seem like what I wanted to be doing with my life.

I know this seems so surprising, going from biotechnology to construction is like day and night! Well, my family has been into construction since forever and for quite some time the thoughts of nepotism kept crossing my mind. Hence I wanted to pursue what I liked and make something of myself. I did not want to be that privileged kid who didn't earn it. But I guess destiny had different plans (in my head “Don’t you worry child” is already playing). 


Now that I think about it, it's just a matter of perspective. I can think of it as failure or I can think of it as destiny trying to push me in the right direction. Either way, I couldn't be happier about where I am in my life professionally!

Since the pandemic began things changed drastically workwise and socially. I still can't believe half of January 2022 has already passed! The excessive time that I had in 2020 went by working on myself. I've been a very lazy person when it comes to self-care. I didn't really have the time left for it either. It all began with me looking for beard care products. From there I started looking for brands that helped me make my life easier and better. I was surprised about how much I didn't know that existed out there. 2020 has just been all about online shopping for me! I've found such amazing D2C brands which are actually very dear to me. I've also learned how sustainability is so important for all of us! That hunt for good D2C brands is how I found Perfora. 

A little secret between you and me? I kinda almost ditched Perfora when I first got to know about it. Before you start booing me, hear me out. Back then when they launched their product and website it was all pre-orders and back then I barely knew anything about a sonic toothbrush. The gist being I had to do my research and somehow it slipped my mind. Later I received an email from one of the brands I found because of the pandemic, “Conscious Chemist” introducing Perfora. It felt like a sign. I've started taking these signs from the universe seriously btw! And it was a weird coincidence that even before I found Perfora I had spoken at length with a friend from Canada and how he's been investing in electric toothbrushes. 

Anyway, coming to the present day I couldn't be happier I found Perfora! The Truthbrush has made my brushing so much better. It's like the vibrations are such a good add-on to my brushing instead of the oscillating ones which could do more harm at times. And with their array of products I couldn't be happier about my oral care routine now.

The Mouthwash and the Tongue cleaner (which now is sold out) is unbeatable! The flavors, the effectiveness of the products just amazes me wondering why hasn't oral care ever been given a makeover? The Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C in the mouthwashes is something I've always needed considering my gum health could use a little boost. After the recent addition of the water cannon (read: Smart Flosser), I'm sold! There's nothing better than Perfora in the market. Especially when a brand is open to all the suggestions from their customers and actually works on them, do you know that you have hit the jackpot. The water flosser was one such thing I needed specifically because a section of my teeth generally has a little gap between them and the old school flossing doesn't really help. So the water flosser is personally my favorite among all of them. It's hard to pick one but I needed it the most. And everyone at home has loved this new upgrade!

After knowing Perfora’s vision for 2022, I couldn't be happier about how oral care for India is going to be revamped! Good habits made fun! I can see myself posing like an oral care ninja by the end of 2022 already :) 

Thank you for reading this letter!