Sneak Peak, 2022!

Sneak Peak, 2022!


Hope you had a great start to 2022 and you are keeping safe!

This is our second letter for this year and we wanted to give you a sneak peek into what you should be expecting this year from your favorite oral care brand. After all, you have been an important part of our community and if anyone gets to know what Perfora is up to, it should be you.

But first, I want to request all of you who bought the Truthbrush in the month of August, September & October, that it is about time to change your Brush Head. I cannot stress enough the importance of regularly changing your brush head and if I were to give you an analogy it would be like not taking a shower for days at a stretch. Worn-out bristles don't do justice to your oral hygiene. So, please click here and change your brush head.

The Brush Heads are available in multiple colors and if you want to be a little creative, I’d suggest trying a different color brush head with your Charcoal Grey Toothbrush. It looks lovely!

Coming back, we’re really excited about 2022 and started preparing for it, well in advance. This year, to an extent, will be a defining year for us as a brand as we will complete 1st year of operations, enter into new product categories and make oral care more fun, inviting & enjoyable

A few products that we will be introducing this year -

Toothpaste: This is one of the products that has taken us a long time to get it right but I’m super happy that is almost done. We will be the very first brand to introduce a concept of Day & Night Toothpaste because our teeth deserve special treatment and a differentiated product for day and night time brushing. Very interesting flavors coming super soon!

Teeth Whitening Powder: At Perfora, we really like to challenge the existing norms and quite a few of our customers explicitly told us that they would want to use a cleaner (no toxic stuff) and effective tooth powder. For all those who still use tooth powder for brushing, this will be a game-changer! 

Oil Pulling: Over the last 2 years, with the Pandemic affecting our lives in so many ways, a lot of consumers have resorted to ancient methods of improving their immunity and oral hygiene. To our surprise, a lot of consumers have been using oil pulling and we strongly feel there can be a better ingredient composition that elevates the oil pulling experience. 

Teeth Whitening Pen: An innovative product that will whiten your teeth in a new format, on the go. This will be a gel that you can apply on your teeth and rinse it off after a few mins and your teeth will start shining brighter than ever!

Kids Toothbrush: To be candid, we have been flooded with requests from our customers to introduce a Kids version in Electric Toothbrush and our team is on it. This product is being designed keeping in mind the Kids brushing habits and techniques and hopefully, we will be able to deliver something exceptional. 

Kids Toothpaste: Well, with Kids Toothbrush, we also want the juniors to experience clean, functional, and flavorful toothpaste. A good toothpaste from the early days can set the right tone for amazing oral hygiene in the future.  

Merchandize: This is going to be fun because we will be introducing products that will fit well into your regime. The first of the lot is a consciously crafted Travel Pouch so that you can easily store all your oral care essentials. Dropping soon!

All said and done, we will keep surprising you with a few interesting things every now and then because that’s who we’re as a brand.  

If you would like us to introduce any other product apart from the ones mentioned above, your suggestions are always welcome. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Have a great week!



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