Our baby is finally ONE!

in Aug 15, 2022


I hope you are well and keeping safe!

This is one of the most special emails that we have penned down in the last 12 months. 

This letter might be a little long so I request you to read it till the very end. 

On 15th August i.e. tomorrow, we complete 1 year of introducing Perfora to the world. It’s our very first birthday and we are extremely grateful for your support. Irrespective of the fact if you have bought from us or not, we’re sure you must have spoken about us in one way or the other. The smallest of things matter. Thank you! ♥️

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Jatan, one of the co-founders at Perfora. Some of you have known me and interacted with me at different intervals. Well, for others who might be reading the Sunday letter for the very first time, a warm welcome. 

Today, I am very emotional. As I sit and reflect back on our journey of starting Perfora, there are so many visuals and firsts that cross my mind. Honestly, while writing this letter, I’m thinking about what we can share that we haven’t spoken about before. 

After deliberating for a few minutes, I realized that I want to share what I truly feel, unfiltered thoughts. So please forgive me if I end up sharing something that might be a little personal or end up being brutally honest. 

Broadly, I’ll be talking about why Perfora happened, a few things that I have realized while building Perfora, what’s super important in building a brand, how has the journey been, our first birthday celebration, a special surprise we have planned for you, etc. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the surprise!

Tushar and I, as long as we have known each other, have always wanted to build something. Both of us had this ambition to create something from the ground up that can genuinely add value to the life of a consumer. I guess this is what led to our friendship in the very first place. We are very different as individuals though we have a lot of commonalities. I know, this sounds contradictory but that is 100% true. 

After probably discussing hundreds of ideas and one of us not liking any specific idea, we never went ahead. It was very important for us to build that common conviction to be excited about the idea so that we could build for the longer term. 

And that happened, when we started thinking about ORAL CARE. As consumers, we felt there was a lack of purpose in the existing brands, the existing products weren’t that effective and there was a lack of awareness and excitement about oral health. There is a long way to go for us to make any significant impact though I’m glad we are headed in the right direction.

We wanted to shake things up and create something phenomenal. As first-time founders, we don’t know a zillion things. In fact, if there are 10 things required to build a good organization and an incredible brand, we hardly know only 2. And one of the key learnings has been that as a founder, it isn’t necessary to know it all. As much as I wish that between the 2 of us, we had known everything, the journey would have been smoother though the fun of discovering and learning new things would have gone for a toss. 

When we started out, we did not have any clue how to run Facebook or Google ads or how to write content for social media or packaging or emailers or how to sell on Amazon and so on. We have spent so many sleepless nights thinking about how we will be able to do it and if we will be able to do it at all. After learning so much on the go, we are now building our confidence and sometimes we end up saying ki shayad karte karte and seekhte seekhte ho hi jayega :)

Another super important thing that we have realized is that it’s the people on the journey that make the journey worth it. If people like Drishti, Raghav, and Sejal didn’t join us early on, a lot of things would have been far from perfect. 

Our website and all the ads that you see from Perfora are the magic of Drishti. Name personalization has been a big USP for Perfora Electric Toothbrush and the entire operations for delivering Personalized Electric Toothbrushes have been single-handedly figured out by Raghav. And all the content you see on our Instagram feed is conceptualized and executed by Sejal. In fact, Sejal also planned and executed the recent birthday evening!. 

Considering that we’ve grown 25 times in scale from our first month, there is a lot that goes behind building the brand. So many more people have joined us and they continue to create magic, day in and out.

To accomplish this growth and scale, it wasn’t easy at all. Despite having a small but strong team, we end up doing a lot of things ourselves. For instance, there have been days when on early mornings we’ve traveled to distant parts of Delhi to collect raw material for a production run of one of our products. Considering our families live in different cities, we haven’t been able to spend as much time with them as we would like. Well, there are pros and cons of building an organization and we are fine with it as long as our work is positively impacting the lives of some people.

Now here’s to the fun part. Recently, we celebrated Perfora turning one by inviting some of our early customers, supporters and well wishers at our HQ. An evening filled with fun, laughter, love and so much energy. The idea behind the get together was to express our gratitude to our evangelists and know them even better. Please have a look at this video and I hope you will get an idea. 

As we turn a year older, we have something special in store for our customers. Startting 12:00 am tonight i.e. 15th August, we are running a FLAT 50% OFF on the entire website for the next 24 hours. The deal will end at 11:59 pm on 15th August. The only reason we are offering this very special price is because we really want all of our customers to stock up on their favorite oral care products. I can promise you this offer isn’t coming back for the next 6 months atleast and hence, about time you pour your heart into this offer. 

It will mean the world to us if you place an order again for yourself or for someone in your network and elevate their oral care. Good oral health goes a long, long way. 

1 year done and many more to come and we’re just getting started!

Thank you for showering us with your unparalleled love and support.