Our First Big Move

in Jan 22, 2024

Hey there,

The big day is finally here. I’m unable to control my excitement and I can’t wait to share the big news with you.

It’s really special and close to my heart.

But before diving into the day's big news, I want to share something else.


Some of you might not have received or read the last newsletter we sent a couple of weeks ago. Well, technically you have received it but there is a high probability that the previous newsletter landed in your spam box. I know this is sad and something that you don’t expect. Our team is working to figure out what went wrong and how can we fix this issue at the earliest.


If you would like to read the previous newsletter, please check your spam folder or type the subject line “1% Every Single Day”. It is an insightful letter about growth and what helps me to be motivated.


Disclaimer: This newsletter only some of you might receive though we are trying our best to send it to our entire community. 

Now coming back to the big news - after months of deliberation, discussion, and multiple iterations later, we have launched our very first Smart Oscillating Toothbrush.

A woman in front of a yellow background, posing with Perfora's oscillating toothbrushI’m in love with this toothbrush


Before I share what makes this product special, I want to address why did we (i.e. Perfora®) launched an Oscillating Electric Toothbrush when over the last 2 years or so we have been constantly advocating Electric Toothbrush powered by Sonic Technology. This is a legit question and we were also very mindful of how will this product launch impact our brand communication and positioning. 

Please take a look at the below screenshot where a person is calling out our brand saying that we have double standards.

A screenshot from Instagram that shows a user talking about Perfora's new oscillating toothbrush launch


We expected some people to react this way however our objective has always been to create awareness around better brushing and explain what is sonic technology. We even wrote a newsletter around this topic, you can read it here.

Believe me, we take our brand positioning and consumer perception seriously and hence we spent countless hours thinking about whether we should launch this product or not. You might be wondering what led us to decide to launch this product. 

The honest answer is that we are committed to our vision of improving oral health for millions of Indian consumers. We strongly feel that Smart Toothbrush makes a difference to oral health and multiple research studies have been published confirming the efficacy. And since we are building a consumer brand that is truly customer first, we keep hearing all the positive and negative feedback from our customers. Once we feel a particular feedback is being shared very often by our customers, we act upon it. Some of our customers were not happy with our OG Sleek Sonic Toothbrush because they expected oscillating movements and were of the viewpoint that oscillating is better. 

This feedback from our existing customers and thoughts from consumers who haven’t bought a Perfora Electric Toothbrush convinced us that this is the right thing to do.

Our goal is to play an important role in helping people brush better and if we can offer options that enable consumers to brush better, we would want to do it. 

The hard reality is that one size fits all approach doesn’t work for anything including brushing and different people will have different preferences when it comes to a toothbrush in terms of technology, design, colors, etc. etc. 

Hence, I’m pleased to introduce PRO+ Electric Toothbrush powered by Oscillating Technology which delivers a holistic deep cleaning experience. This oscillating toothbrush is one of a kind because it comes with a rechargeable battery that is super easy to charge with a Type C cable (included in the box). The bristles rotate at 8800 rpm providing a 360-degree clean and this smart toothbrush is enabled with an automated 2 minutes timer and 30-second quad technology.

A product shot of Perfora's new launch - the oscillating toothbrush which has a lavender coloured handle and white brush headThis toothbrush will last forever!


Additionally, the toothbrush battery will last for 21 days or more on full charge, when used twice a day. The toothbrush has 1 brushing mode and comes with 2 year warranty so please be rest assured and you can buy without a worry. 

Goes without saying that you can personalize this smart toothbrush with your name on our website. We have launched our first-ever Oscillating Toothbrush in 2 beautiful colors - Limitless Black and Limitless Lavender so you can choose as per your preference.

Screen divided into 2 parts, both have hands holding Perfora's Smart Oscillating toothbrush. Hand on left has lavender and hand on right has black variant grasped.Two beautiful colors to choose from


I would request you to check out this product and give it a try. I’m confident that you will love it and if you don’t love it and have any feedback to share, please write to me and I will personally look into it. 

You can check out our launch video which our team has created with a lot of thought and creativity. Click here.

We are always learning and evolving and without your support, we wouldn't exist. Thank you for being with us.