Self love isn’t selfish :)

in Jul 21, 2023

Hi there! 

Disclaimer: This is a sappy newsletter with a ton of information that I would classify as overshared. 

Have you ever thought about why the intimacy of someone making you feel special about your smile is usually under represented? It’s such a tiny thing which someone can do, yet, it makes you feel exceptional. 

Before moving forward with this newsletter filled with mixed emotions, let me give you a glimpse into who I am. 

I am Priyamvada, currently working as a branding and marketing intern for Perfora. Just like most of you here, I became obsessed with the company after I saw it on Shark Tank and with mutual consensus to popular belief, I am also a fan of its products.

As a child, I was often extremely conscious of the extra canine-like teeth I have. Just like any other teenager, I was captivated by social media and therefore, the perfect smiles of every other influencer. 

It also turned out to be ironic how my best friend’s parents are dentists and being the cherry on the cake, I was often questioned by my peers about why I wouldn’t get braces. It seemed like a rite of passage for all young teenagers who had misaligned teeth. 

However, for no apparent reason, I decided for myself that I did not want to get braces- mostly because I was afraid that it would hurt and I truly believed that this was not a problem that needed to be ‘fixed’. 

So, to not make my teeth a point of conversation, I started covering my face when I laugh, and not showing my teeth when I smile and this went on for a long while... 

While these things may seem minuscule to you, imagine what a thirteen-year-old must have felt when almost every person would make jokes about something she never thought she could be insecure about.

So, when I started my internship at Perfora, my first week was seriously dedicated to understanding the brand language and what we want to communicate to you guys. 

And this is where I found my confidence. 

It may seem like Perfora was the knight in shining armour and my saving grace when I thought I was just a lousy 20 year old who thought she needed to get braces. Well, that is not so far from reality. 

While I was getting started here, it didn’t take long for me to understand that they want their customers to feel confident and happy in their smile- no matter how crooked or non-crooked it may be, it’s still beautiful. Apart from elevating your oral care experience with our diverse range of products, we also aim to foster a shift in mindset- one that doesn’t take into account perceived flaws but makes you feel like your smile deserves the best and the safest oral care routine.

Our recently launched beauty Metallic Edition Electric Toothbrush with the new Charcoal Toothpaste makes for a refreshing combination with the perfect touch of fruity juiciness. 

Haters will say this is my personal bias and while it partially may be that, I love working here. I love coming to the office every day, learning something new and helping someone like me find confidence in their smile. 

To put it into simpler words, to me, Perfora is like a group of adults who, while figuring their stuff out, act like a cheerleading squad. 

This may lead you to believe that I am now completely owning up to it and have reached a complete state of self-acceptance but unfortunately, I am still not quite there yet. 

This is not a bland platitude that I’m throwing your way. 

Perfora was my first step in the journey which made me realise that in order to feel beautiful, you don’t need orthodontic equipment (in case you have braces, you’re still pretty awesome), but you just need your Perfora essentials and your unbeatable charm to make you feel like you deserve not just a bouquet but a meadow of roses! 

If you’re someone who wants to share their smile story with me, drop a mail at and we’ll make sure to give your story a voice. :) 

P.S. If you haven’t tried out our products till now, I think this is your biggest sign. Go and give your smile the love it deserves! 

Until next time


This is me with my Pillars of Rock!!