Spilling Some Magic! 🔮

in Aug 14, 2023

Hey there,

I often wonder what the significance of completing years is. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, is there a best way to commemorate them ? 

Does one party wild with loved ones to celebrate the completion of a milestone? Or does one look back at the year and evaluate the key moments that made them feel super special? Maybe it means to pick up a new goal/task to reinvigorate and charge one self up for the coming year. Irrespective of the way one goes about, it is amazing that we celebrate and hype ourselves up on these days. 

The reason for these thoughts are obvious. We at Perfora are approaching our 2 year birthday. As a fledgling newbie we launched the brand website on 15th Aug, 2021 without products to sell and boy have we come some way. It’s been just 2 years but there is a deep sense of fulfilment and excitement that everyone at the team feels. You will read a lot more on this through the month across our comms :)

Jatan and me getting excited for Perfora's 2nd birthday

So here we were thinking - How do we evolve and what next ? 

And we turned back to our most loving and amazing supporters - YOU, our users. We wanted to think hard and identify what it is that our users want from us and want us to become. A resounding feedback we got was that you wanted some amazing products for teeth whitening and our current offerings - Dream White, Whitening Pen and the powders were so good that you did not want us to stop. 

This was all the fuel and direction we needed and we went back to the drawing board and the key question we wanted to solve was - How do we make a product that delivers effective teeth whitening and at the same time helps us reimagine oral care ? A big part of building Perfora has been our mission to get everyone excited about oral care. We at the core believe that good oral care can be magical for one’s health and we want everyone to experience that. 

While we were at this, we got a little inspired by our friends from the skincare and haircare world. We could not help but notice how we had incorporated serums into our skincare regimen so effortlessly. Why do we use a Serum ? - It is packed with a higher dose of active ingredients and absorbs faster because of its thinner texture and coupled with a moisturiser/cream it delivers an amazing end result. 


We had our answer. Why not make a serum which when used along with a toothpaste can really enhance teeth whitening. The team got hard to work and came out with an absolute stunner. Introducing you to the Purple Magic Whitening Serum - an absolute piece of beauty. 

It is packed with papain and bromelain enzymes for effective cleaning, nano hydroxyapatite for teeth remineralisation and an amazing apple, peach flavour profile for the fruitiest mouthfeel. You may ask why purple ? Well that is where it gets most interesting. On the colour scale purple sits exactly opposite to yellow and can counteract the yellow colour like magic. Hence the Purple Magic.

We are very excited about this launch where we have pushed ourselves and put our heart into introducing this bold product which is also a testament to how we want to proceed forward with Perfora’s identity. In addition to everything we stand for we want to get even more functional with the benefits we provide and be a clear go to solution for anyone wanting to solve teeth whitening. 

Oh another update - We got too excited to launch and put this out during our birthday month that we messed up a bit at the backend. You see we have received very limited quantities of this product from our manufacturing facility and most of it is still under production. What this means is that over the next couple of weeks we cannot guarantee availability of the Purple Magic Serum and I am told the website has just 60 odd units left today. 

If you are excited already, do not wait and order right away. I am here waiting to get your feedback on how we did.