The New Self Care ♥️

in Oct 5, 2022


Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday and pampering yourself with good food, skincare and of course oral care to charge up for the coming week.

Sometimes days can be so exhausting, that you lose track of time to take care of yourself. My Sunday started with a phone call from my best friend checking up on me because I haven’t been in touch. She was just worried if I was enjoying my new job or new life in Gurgaon. We spoke for an hour, and she hung up leaving a big smile on my face. This left me a little catchy in my throat since I realised I am so grateful for the women in my life and also thought this can make up for a feel good Sunday Newsletter

Aristotle claimed that friends are central to a life that is fulfilled, happy and well lived but girlfriends become your pillars when bleak and a light when it’s too dark.

There is this ease that you share with your female friends. I would say it's very different from the way I connect to my male friends. Talking is what makes it different. My mum asked me once, what do you guys talk about in your friends meet up?'' I replied, “It's too rich and too uneven.” Chit chat some people may call it. Chit chat can be viewed as something artificial or superficial and it can be that sometimes but most of the time it's deeply profound and essential. It’s hard to put into words this process of sharing. 

For me, nothing lifts my spirits more than meeting my GIRLS.

Getting on a group video chat to discuss Crazy, Stupid Love and some real-life romantic drama; always looking forward to meeting and laughing with them/on them until my stomach hurts; sharing everything from home workouts to board-game; and just commiserating with the feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and worry in all areas of my life. Talking about things that matter, things that don't matter, and just being present for each other, makes a bigger difference than you'd know.

Face masks and bubble baths are great, but self-care doesn't have to mean being by yourself; it's community, it's relationships, it's being available to the ones you love and I am extremely grateful that I have such amazing souls in my life. Be it my school, college or even work, I have been lucky enough to find that one girl friend that I can confide in and be my true self with.

“If you girls are reading this, I want to tell you that I love you”

So this Sunday, Let’s do a little extra selfcare by calling up the ones you love. I did my part, counting on you to take this forward.  


Happy Sunday,