Where are Your Shoes From?

in Jan 10, 2024

Hey there, long time no see!

Well, technically we haven’t seen each other at all. This is our first time together. I’m Saatvik and I’m new here at Perfora.

I’ve joined recently, in the marketing team (those pictures and posts you see? Yeah, that’s me).

Why? Well, you see, like a lot of people I also came across Tushar and Jatan’s brand Perfora when they came on Shark Tank. What really got me in tune with the brand was what came after they bagged the investment. 

An article which mentioned that Perfora 5xed their revenue in 9 months. Let me repeat that if it didn’t sink in. 5X IN 9 MONTHS 🤯.

I’ve always had a student mentality and thus have always seeked people who are organised and direction-ed towards a goal. This article was like a testament to their vision and plan. The only thing I saw then was growth.

No, none of this is to score brownie points with Jatan and Tushar 😒 (I already did that in the interview 😝)

Perfora founders Tushar Khuranna and Jatan Bawa in a frame with Namita ThapparLeft to Right: Tushar Khurana, Namita Thapar and Jatan Bawa


Now that you know a little about me and how I ended up in your inbox, I have a (another) little story for you, so bear with me. 

Recently, a brother of mine had dropped in from Bangalore. He wanted to visit Palika Bazaar to buy first class Air Jordan knock-offs (if you don’t know what Palika Bazaar is; it's a market in Delhi situated in CP that is like THE HUB of all things knockoff. Ever wondered how that guy in the metro was wearing that fancy Gucci t-shirt? That’s probably where he got it).

A glimpse of Palika Bazar, CP, New DelhiA glimpse of Palika Bazar, CP, Delhi


We went there and were able to buy quite a few things, a few t-shirts and two pairs of shoes. I swear to God, unless you’ve got an absolute expert, you wouldn’t have been able to tell these were fakes.

A week later, I asked my brother over WhatsApp how the shoes had been working out. He told me that they were working fine and he’d gotten many compliments for his “cool kicks”, you know how our Toothbrush looks really cool, like that. A compliment that would’ve ideally cost him upwards of ₹12,000 cost him a meagre ₹600 (well meagre in comparison to the real price). What a life no?

A pair of shoes from three different profilesThe shoes which were bought

A month later, I was talking to him and he happened to mention that he had twisted his ankle. Sadly, it was because of the same shoes he had bought so excitedly. While being oh-so-much cheaper, the quality was also oh-so-much worse. The sole didn’t sole and the ankle support didn’t ankle support and he ended up doing the RICE treatment for a week.

What do you think? Were the 5 compliments worth the week of fun (and well, a healthier foot) that he missed? I don’t

 Bart Simpson asking his friends to sign his cast but they ignore him and jump into a poolYou see how unhappy Bart is? Now do you get it?

I think it’s imperative that we, as an audience, learn to strike a balance between quality and price. Which is what I want you to keep in mind when you’re buying things the next time. Be it the protein bar over the regular chocolate, the makhana over the bhujia packet, the SLS free toothpaste over a regular toothpaste, the ₹500 for 5 t-shirts pack or ₹500 for 2 pack. You know which is better for you, don’t you?

If you want to go an extra mile try going through the food labels and the nutrients table as well, you’ll get a better picture of what you’re eating (all the ingredients are mentioned by weight, so the earlier you read it, the more of it is in there) 

Have a healthy and happy Sunday.

Hoping you smile brighter,


PS- If you have any stories that made you realise that quality is just as important as quantity, please feel free to share, I’ll even give a shout out to you if it knocks me out of my shoes! (These are very comfortable Sparx shoes, very much value for money)