Birthday Bash

in Jan 8, 2024

Hey There!

Is it September already???? 

I still remember being so excited about celebrating New Year's Eve last year and I can’t believe that in about 4 months, it will be time to celebrate the New Year again. 

A lot of new people have subscribed to our emails as they have become our customers for the very first time. 

For those who might be reading this letter for the first time, welcome to Perfora Tribe. We are really glad that you are a part of our journey!

This is our bi-weekly (once in 2 weeks) newsletter where we share all things related to our lives and Perfora i.e. how are we building it, who are the people building it, what motivates us, different kinds of mistakes we make, our learnings, and a lot more. Believe me, this is an interesting read and not something that you would want to miss out on. 

In the month of August, we celebrated your favorite oral care brand a.k.a Perfora’s second birthday and we were overwhelmed with the response. So much love and support that literally, I had tears of joy in my eyes. I feel really blessed that our brand is receiving such a fantastic response.

Last month, for the second time in our journey, we had our signature birthday sale (this seems to be becoming a trend) and we accomplished a milestone that we didn’t even imagine in our wildest dreams. 

Apart from new customers trying our products for the first time, a significant portion of our existing customers continued to trust us with their oral health. This is very encouraging and a positive sign for a young brand like ours that is only 2 years old. 

Perfora's electric toothbrush and toothpaste along with the whitening pen with a cake in the background

In many of our earlier newsletters, we have been very grateful to our customers and community and how without them, we wouldn’t have existed. 

Today, I want to talk a little about the other side of the story. There is no doubt that without customers it is impossible for a brand/business to survive. However, it is impossible to service your customers without a rock-solid team. 

I believe we have built a one-of-a-kind team that is in the process of scripting history. We are a team of innovators, hustlers, and problem solvers.

For us, our birthday month is really special and this year we wanted to do a lot more. There was a lot of planning to be done and so many things to be executed. And trust me, without a hardworking and dedicated team, we wouldn’t have accomplished anything.

Perfora team photo

To give you some context, last month, we launched one of our most awaited products i.e. Purple Magic Whitening Serum, a product that we have been working on since last year. Special month deserves a special product launch and this product has been an instant success. Sold out thrice in less than 30 days. To launch any product, there is so much that takes place behind the scenes - content creation, social media plan, communication strategy, product availability, etc.

Perfora's purple teeth whitening serum with a lilac background

In addition to the new product launch, we had our signature birthday sale event, and there are a zillion things to be taken care of - special website theme development, pricing strategy, managing supply chain, product photoshoot, advertising strategy & content creation, operational readiness to handle the spike in the order volume, reducing TAT to address consumer queries, streamlining our name personalization, etc., etc. On those two days during the birthday sale event, most of our team members worked beyond their defined working hours to make this event a big success!!!

All variants of Perfora's Electric Toothbrushes in a cup and two metallic brushes outside the glass with a cupcake on the side

Last but not least, we like to work hard and celebrate equally hard and we hosted our birthday celebration event in Delhi (more pictures coming soon) where we invited our well-wishers, customers, early supporters, friends, and family. We aren’t experts at hosting parties and hence this is an additional responsibility for our team to curate an evening so that we can create a lot of memories. This is a herculean task as well because we need to figure out the venue, design, decor, gifts, food, beverages (special thanks to our beverage partners - Simba Beer, Terai Gin, Jimmy’s Cocktails)

Once again, our team really surprised us and hosted a beautiful celebration. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated alongside us.

Founding team of Perfora cutting the cake on its 2nd year anniversary

Apart from the above-mentioned things, there is business as usual that continues at an everyday level so that we can continue to grow and improve the oral health of our customers.


I want to take a moment and thank each & every single member of our team for being a part of our mission and working with so much passion and dedication. I love you all. From humble beginnings and starting the company with 4 people, to now a team of 40+, it’s been a fulfilling journey though less than 1% done and a long, long way to go. 

Looking back, I feel really proud that we have built a strong and driven team that is willing to go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.

Mentioned below are the names of all our team members because they have earned it.

Drishti, Raghav, Manoj, Mridu, Dheeraj, Vigya, Arpit, Jyotsna, Sanchi, Tapas, Amarsh, Sasha, Yogesh, Himanshu, Sagar, Keertiman, Pankaj, Deepak, Abhinav, Rahul, Rattan, Sheema, Tushar, Kabir, Shubham, Diksha, Jayanti, Subhomkar, Upasna, Annuska, Akanksha, Kaanya, Ashish, Ravleen, Ayush, Deependra, Divnoor.  

I hope you continue using our products and if you have any questions or feedback, please write to me and I will personally address all your concerns. 

For us, you are really important.