Why Dream?

in Dec 28, 2022


Hope you are doing well and enjoying the change in the weather. At least in the northern side of our country, this time of the year is beautiful minus the poor air quality. 

I know some of you really don’t appreciate the inconsistency in the newsletters and I hate myself more for not sticking to the routine. The reality is I and in fact, all of our team is super stretched in accomplishing our growth objectives. 

Though, in the coming year i.e. 2023, I’m going to give it my best that we write and share 2 newsletters in a month. Yes, I’m starting this resolution before the new year kicks in so that I have a head start. 

Earlier this year, we had very interesting conversations with a bunch of individuals who have in their professional lives built some amazing and loved consumer brands as we were trying to understand how Perfora can really create a significant impact in the lives of consumers and improve oral hygiene. Our brand had been gaining a lot of acceptance and consumers were loving our products, and hence we started thinking about how a large section of consumers can experience the Perfora difference. 

These conversations with accomplished professionals were intense as we went back to the drawing board to understand what the consumers want and how we can solve their needs. We looked at the macro data and assimilated our takeaways to arrive at a decision. 

The decision was that we need to launch and really deliver an exceptional experience in Toothpaste. If we want to be a large oral care brand, we have to innovate big-time in toothpaste. 

A few things that went into our decision-making process: 

1. High Penetration: In the entire oral care products category, toothpaste has the highest amount of penetration among consumers. As per available data, about ~55% of the Indian population uses toothpaste and this implies the potential impact can be really significant if we do it right. 

Consciously formulated toothpaste range with clinically proven ingredients and natural extracts.

2. A Better Product: When we looked at the composition of the existing toothpaste products, we saw that most toothpaste products contain really bad i.e. toxic ingredients. For instance, to deliver foaming in toothpaste, it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), an ingredient used in laundry detergents to create foam. Similarly, there is something known as Titanium Dioxide which is banned as a food additive in many countries. Imagine ingesting (yes, 5-7% of toothpaste is ingested in brushing) such ingredients while you brush your teeth. There is an opportunity to create a product that is a lot safer for consumers.

SLS Free, Titanium Dioxide Free, & No Artificial Colors. Only, the good stuff

3. Lack of Innovation: The existing set of toothpaste products contained similar taste profiles (either minty or herbal) and pretty much all toothpaste products contained similar ingredients. There were hardly any clinically proven ingredients in the composition to address oral health concerns. 

Dream White Toothpaste, powered by Imercare Perl White & Bromelain for effective teeth whitening.

4. Positioning: There are many, many toothpaste brands/products that are available for consumers to choose from. Interestingly, we realized, most toothpaste brands have either an Ayurveda/Herbal, or Dentist/Medicated, or Generic positioning. No brand was focused on safety and ingredient-led efficacy positioning. This signaled that we can do something different and start a conversation around “Safe and Effective Toothpaste” and this might help us in creating the desired impact. .

How a person feels after brushing their teeth with our Dream Toothpaste.

The early response and the feedback to our Dream Toothpaste collection has been really overwhelming. A lot of our existing customers have tried out the product and shared their feedback. I’d say, while most of the customers have loved the overall product i.e. taste, texture, and packaging experience, there are a few small things that we need to improve and you can rest assured that our team is working on it.

At Perfora, we spend a considerable amount of time thinking about how can we solve the oral health of our consumers and create something that they will truly find value in.

I wanted to share our thought process behind the launch of our toothpaste range so that our customers get an idea of what goes behind conceptualizing a new product and what different things i.e. parameters we look at. At the end of the day, any decision has to make sense for our customers, brand, and business. 

Most of you have been very kind and supportive in our journey and have tried our Electric Toothbrush or other products. We really appreciate and are grateful for your trust.

Some of you might not have tried our toothpaste and I want to request that you give any or all variants of our Dream Toothpaste range a try. All of us use toothpaste and are accustomed to a particular taste/brand and it is understandable it is very difficult to make this switch. However, if you have trusted us with your oral health, believe me, this switch to Perfora Toothpaste is going to be hugely beneficial for you and your family. 

The Dream Toothpaste range is available in 4 different variants and each variant is a must-try. We have Dream White for teeth whitening, Dream Relief for sensitivity relief, Dream Protect for strengthening gums, and Dream Sweet which is diabetic-friendly & prevents cavities. 

In addition, we are offering a 30% FLAT discount (use code: FLAT30) so it does make sense to try our Dream Toothpaste. Price isn’t a deterrent and a 150 gms tube will only cost you INR 209. This is a very good deal without any toxins :)

I have personally worked with experts and dentists to create this product line and if you have any feedback - good/bad, please feel free to write to me and we will work on it.  

 If you are curious to know why this toothpaste range is called “Dream”, please reply to this email and I’ll spill the beans. 

Thank you once again for being a Perfora customer and reading this letter :)