A Step to Step Guide for Healthy Teeth!

in Jul 27, 2022

With the level of information more easily available and the scope of general awareness increasing every day, people have started to understand that health is more than just physical symptoms. The internet offers unlimited easily accessible and recordable knowledge which makes people more and more conscious of their wellbeing. People now take health more seriously and have started making every little aspect of it a priority. One of the important aspects of overall health and wellbeing is dental health.

The mouth is the sole source of direct nutrition. Dental health is not only a major part of one's well-being, but it also contributes directly to one's social outlook. Painful teeth and/or gums can restrict one's food intake, leading to lower levels of nutrition and energy, while poor oral and teeth hygiene may lead to issues like loss of teeth, yellow teeth, and bad breath - all directly affecting one's confidence and social life. Hence, teeth care has increasingly become one of the major concerns among people. Both preventing gum or teeth problems, and ensuring healthy teeth have gained much more popularity - especially among young adults. Having healthy teeth is definitely a modern goal and has become a part of the basic needs of people everywhere.

Common Dental Problems

With the lifestyle changing every day, although people may be more and more aware of the good and bad, the busy life often makes people land on the wrong side of the ‘habits’. Other than common habits including smoking and consuming alcohol, the young and the old today also resort to easily available food - which commonly is relatively less healthy.

Excessively sugary, chemically produced, and overly processed food is easily available at everyone’s doorstep - making it an easy choice for people who can not spare time for cooking or following a regular diet.

The new and irregular patterns of work and sleep often leave people unaware of the unhealthy lifestyle choices they make in the name of convenience. Today, even though people have become more aware of health and its importance - the instances of minor and major teeth problems have increased. Some of the most common issues that may arise in your teeth may include:

  1. Yellow Teeth: One of the most common and first signs of poor dental hygiene is when your teeth start to turn yellow. This happens when you consume more and more acidic foods and drinks ultimately leading to the wearing away of the enamel. Ageing may also make your teeth yellow, but the leading cause of untimely teeth yellowing is bad oral hygiene.
  2. Dental Caries or Dental Cavities: More and more people now complain of tooth pains and eventual decay due to cavities. Often caused by sugary or processed food intake combined with poor dental hygiene practices, cavities make the teeth brittle eventually leading to tooth shedding or loss.
  3. Excessive Sensitivity: Sharp pain sensation upon having something cold or hot is the most common way to describe teeth sensitivity. It is another one of the commonly found teeth issues that people complain of. The cause of this is the shedding away of the teeth material (or, enamel) leading to exposure of the dentin.
  4. Gum Infection: Gingivitis, periodontitis, and other periodontal issues with gums are also common problems people face today. You may suffer from minor to more serious gum diseases due to poor oral healthcare. Sometimes, you may even harm your gums if you are trying too hard. Using the wrong oral health products or using them incorrectly (for example brushing your teeth too hard) may also lead to teeth and gum damage.
  5. Bad Breath: Another consequence of poor teeth health is the development of bad breath. This one is a rather embarrassing issue as it makes daily interactions uncomfortable, especially if you are in a profession where you regularly meet with people and have long conversations.

Take Care of Your Teeth

While most of these issues may be reversible or treatable, if taken lightly and left untreated, can lead to permanent tooth loss. Thus, once you realise how important oral health is, and start to prioritise it, you may often find yourself wondering what to do to make sure you maintain strong and healthy teeth and an overall healthy mouth. There are numerous schools of thought and advisory when it comes to the perfect plan for perfectly healthy teeth and gums. It may get confusing after a point, so here are some simple tips you can adapt to take care of your teeth:

  1. Visit Your Dentist: First and foremost rule of thumb in the matter of oral health is that you should not treat visiting a doctor as a solution to a problem. When your gums or teeth start to show symptoms of any issues, it is most likely almost too late. Instead of visiting your dentist then, you should schedule regular visits to make sure you are acting pro-actively and preventing rather than curing your issues.
  2. Brush Your Teeth Twice: Although the correct brushing technique may be subjective, one must remember that there is absolutely no substitute for brushing your teeth. No products, mouthwashes, or special toothpaste can replace the need of brushing one’s teeth. Ideally, you must brush your teeth with an adequate toothbrush twice a day for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Don’t Forget to Floss: No matter what toothbrush you use, or how amazing you feel your technique is, more often than not, toothbrushes fail to reach hidden corners of your mouth. One such area is between teeth. To efficiently clean between your teeth and take out any food particles stuck there, you must floss regularly - at least once every day. Ignored by many, flossing is a part of the basic good dental health practices you must maintain for healthy teeth.
  4. Clean Your Tongue: Often neglected, your tongue plays a pivotal role in determining your oral health. Cleaning the tongue is as important as taking care of teeth or gums. For this purpose, you may use a tongue cleaning tool - easily available in common markets or at chemists’.
  5. Have a Mindful Lifestyle: No matter how ‘in’ mindful living may be these days, there are some basics that we tend to miss. Especially to maintain good oral health and healthy teeth, you must choose mindfully. Everything you eat, drink, or consume affects your teeth and gums directly. Sugary foods, processed foods, acidic or aerated drinks, and smoking may lead to the deterioration of your teeth. You should try to achieve consumption of a balanced diet and cut down on harmful food and drink items. 

Dental products by Perfora

Using the right oral care products and using them correctly is one of the key determinants of the success of your teeth care regime. Perfora, a leading oral health brand brings to you various thoughtfully put-together products you may choose from. From toothbrushes to toothpaste, to mouthwashes, to dental floss, and tongue cleaners among others, Perfora has the widest range of excellent products to suit your dental hygiene needs.

Here is a list of some products you can browse if you are looking to build your own dental care routine:


  1. Electric Toothbrushes: Absolutely soft, sleek, and smart, Perfora’s collection of electric toothbrushes is the future of brushing teeth! Available in 6 beautiful colours, this range of electric toothbrushes is designed ergonomically, is waterproof and tavel-friendly too. How long will it last, you ask? It comes with a one-year warranty and a guaranteed 90-day battery life.
  2. Toothpastes: Available in two very refreshing flavours: Lemon Mint and Lavender Rose, Perfora’s range of toothpaste are ideal for people looking for a safe, cruelty-free,  and vegan formula - known to prevent cavities and freshen breath.
  3. Smart Dental Flosser: Available in two very chic colour combinations, this smart dental flosser has it all. Pretty to look at, ergonomic and technologically advanced, this tool uses water pressure to floss your teeth. With 5 different modes and a smart memory feature, this flosser learns your choice pattern to maximize convenience for you. The tools offer various features including an optimum water tank of 245 ml, a waterproof design, a replaceable nozzle and a rechargeable battery.
  4. Copper Tongue Cleaner: Copper is known to boost immunity and support good health. Perfora’s tongue cleaner, made with copper offers the same to you for your oral health. Designed and handcrafted by experts, this tool offers more than just any common tongue cleaner. Recommended by dentists, this tongue scraper has a unique design and is rust-proof as well. Proven to clean the tongue efficiently and prevent bad breath, the product is also not eco-friendly!
  5. Probiotic Rinse / Mouthwash: Perfora’s range of mouthwashes is proven to be probiotic and comes with a choice of two very refreshing variants - Lemon Mint and Thyme Mint. A superior formula is known to freshen up the mouth, prevent plaque, and support your overall oral health, this mouthwash is alcohol-free and has the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Essential oils.

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