A Bitter - Sweet Feeling

A Bitter - Sweet Feeling

Hola Amigo!

Disclaimer: This is my very first newsletter (may be last, depends on your responses/reactions) though each and every single word of the letter is something I genuinely feel and I’m candidly expressing myself and have a very sweet surprise at the end. 

I saw Perfora on Shark Tank for the very first time. I liked Jatan’s confidence when he said he wanted to beat Colgate and make a homegrown brand based out of India. It gave me goosebumps. Also, when Vineeta said “Yeh deal hume bhout returns degi” was another WOW moment for me.

Oh before I forget, I have joined Perfora as a D2C Growth Intern. I have worked on Loyalty Program and currently helping with Customer Experience. 

So, a little background story - I have worked at EY GDS and then interned at 2 companies i.e. Two Hungry Stoner and The Souled Store. However, I worked from home and had never experienced any kind of office culture before Perfora.

I’m in the process of making history as I’m the first Intern ever to write a Sunday Newsletter. This is a really big deal for me because I casually checked with Jatan if I can help him out and he asked why don’t I write the newsletter. I was elated and scared at the same time.

Reflecting back, when I was working at EY, I used to get really sad on Sunday evenings, but now I look forward to Monday mornings.. Because I love my work, it excites me. I saw this kind of excitement in Amarsh (CX Expert) and he told me about his love for work with such intensity that I had to explore this sector and become a part of this adventure.

I thought brushing is such a mundane activity just like it would be going to the office or probably worse and there is nothing interesting or fun about it. One of the questions that I have struggled with is what makes people brush twice a day considering it is so monotonous. 

In about 30 days of working at Perfora, I wish wherever I go, I will get an office culture like this because I FREAKING LOVE COMING TO OFFICE!!!!! 22 year old me would have never imagined this feeling and I get to live it every single day. 

I come to the office and learn something new everyday, like how the customers should be handled, what do customers like, what goes into a product shoot, what are the technical specifications of a product, etc.

I often make some mistakes, but my team makes sure I learn from these mistakes. My work is recognized and complimented *blush blush*. I am given encouraging feedback on my ideas. People like Rashika (Social Media Strategist), help me in my personal growth as well.

Over the last 15 days, media and news publications have been saying that our office culture is toxic and even my parents got concerned, but this is so so far from the truth. Unfortunately, what gets mentioned in public is hardly the reality. 

It’s beautiful to work at  Perfora and I’m very fortunate to be a part of this dream team. 

Not only the office culture, Perfora is truly changing the oral care experience and making it a lot more exciting. Why? Because I have a toothbrush which has my name, it's smart and it tells me when I am done brushing my teeth. 

Another super important thing - my gums used to bleed a lot but ever since I have started using Dream Protect - Gum Protection toothpaste, my life has become easy and my gums blood free. There is no gum bleeding at all. My problem got solved from the root level (quite literally 😛).


Now, Let me share what I love doing professionally!


I am passionate about marketing and believe me when I say this because my friends are already done with me because I talk about Perfora and sell to them a lot!! 


This effortlessly makes me fall for the brand. It feels like this is my brand and I own it. Whenever I go out, I subconsciously think about how I can attract customers towards my brand directly or indirectly. I am collaborating with my friend’s parents because they are dentists. When I went to stay at a hotel, I saw Dove’s Handwash, shampoo and conditioner and my instant reaction was that we can curate Perfora’s Dental Kit. 


The eternal feeling is when the customer personally trusts you to get the order delivered for their partner’s birthday, and by hook or crook you present the gift at customer’s house after annoying Yogesh (Operations Specialist) with a million calls till 11pm. The customer says - You saved me, thank you so much. I am not even exaggerating but I had a pretty good sleep that night.

PS - Let me know if you have experienced that feeling when you show dedication and it pays off!

Everyone likes to put a smile on someone else’s face, but I love it when that someone is our customer <3

It's all sweet till here, why did she caption it as Bitter-Sweet Feeling then? 🙁

Because I’ll be flying for my Master's programme in the next 6 months. When I received my offer letter, Drishti (Entrepreneur in Residence) was the first person to know about it. I was teary, but had to share my happiness with my mentor 🥺.

I wish I knew about Perfora just when I graduated, but nevertheless my motive for this internship is to learn as much as I can and absorb every learning, because one day I want to own a business and build a brand as well ;)

Also, if you still haven’t tried out our Limited Edition Mango Swirl Electric Toothbrush, I think you will miss out big time. Mango Swirl Smart Toothbrush looks beautiful and gives the feeling of indulging in juicy mangoes. I can imagine your happy face.

Check it out now and please feel free to use my exclusive FLAT 15% OFF discount code: INTERN to complete the purchase at a great price. Only applicable on Mango Swirl.

Till then,

Your Happy Intern 💗


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