Sunday Newsletters

Our First Diwali ✨

Hey, Diwali is almost here and it is finally time for some celebrations. Hope you are in the mood to reconnect with family and old friends and also welcome the winter for those of us in the North o...
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Our Pre-Order Story

Hey, Hope you had an exciting week.  At Perfora, each week throws amazing problems that we tackle or at least try to solve. We fail sometimes but that is fun too :)  Our pre-order plan is one such ...
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My World of Mistakes

Hey, I’m Raghav. I take care of operations at your favourite oral care brand a.k.a Perfora. With the weekend around the corner, we started discussing who should pen down the Sunday letter to our su...
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Making a Dent for Myself

Hi, Before I get into introducing myself and what I want to talk about today, to everyone who’s recently become a part of our community, welcome and thank you for trusting us with your oral care. T...
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My Journey of Starting Up

Hey, Hope you are doing great! It's almost been a month since we introduced Perfora to the world! What a month it has been, full of ups and downs!  I'm Jatan, one of the co-founders of Perfora and ...
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